Tactical Tailor

ECHO NiNER – Flashlight Holster

ECHO NiNER has introduced two styles of Kydex flashlight holsters.  They come outfitted with 1.5 inch belt loops but can also be made PALS compatible via MALICE clips.  Both are offered in Black or Coyote.  

The M-style works with all Surefire flashlights that have a 1.37″ Bezel Diameter such as the P2X Fury, P2X Fury Tactical, P2X Fury Defender and P2X Fury Combatlight. 

The S-style accommodates all SureFire flashlights that have a 1.25” Bezel Diameter such as the G2, G2X, G2X PRO, 6P Original, 6PX,  6PX PRO, 6PX Tactical, 6PX Defender, Z2X Combatlight, G2ZX CombatLight and also the PKfl2le flashlight.



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