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ACUs Authorized for Commercial Travel

According to a post on CSM Luther Thomas Jr’s (Senior Enlisted Advisor for the US Army Reserve) Facebook page, ACUs are authorized for commercial travel.

30 Responses to “ACUs Authorized for Commercial Travel”

  1. Steven S says:


  2. T.H says:

    May be authorized, but who would actually want to be seen wearing them???

  3. straps says:

    This is mostly about delegating discretion back to commanders. Who are publishing their policies and briefing their formations now.

    We were told about this a couple weeks back. By an O-6 who told us we better be deploying to repel a Martian invasion. Otherwise, carry a uniform on (one less copy of Maxim, one less liter of diabeetus juice) and change downrange.

    Commercial travel in UCP ACUs is mostly the domain of enabler types trolling for free pretzels and seating upgrades (if you haven’t set up your DTS for TSA Pre-Check, DO IT NOW), and who always have those neck pillows ‘binered to their Sandpiper packs.

  4. majrod says:

    Not very professional unless going to or coming from a combat zone.

    This is an area where I’ve long noticed a difference between the Army and the Marines and the Marines get it right.

    • Jeff Clement says:

      Marines have been prohibited from wearing cammies in public since like 2005 or so. Even stopping for gas on the way home from work or stopping to pick up the kids from daycare in cammies is verboten. It can be a pain but I think it’s worth it.

      And thank goodness you don’t see a bunch of boots in the airport running around in cammies (they run around 7.62 tactical shirts instead, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue…)

      • straps says:

        I think the second or third funniest thing I ever saw was a couple young Marines on an op to pick up a car from one of the wheel and tire shops on South Coast Highway back in ’06 or so. From a brewpub across the street (celebrating the purchase of a normally hard-to-obtain-in-California firearm through Quantico), I observed the following:

        Car pulls up snug to the cashier’s office (which is why I even noticed), passenger door opens, passenger Marine combat rolls out of the car and into the office, capitalizing on the cover and concealment offered by a structural column and a potted palm. Marine pays his bill, has a brief conversation with the cashier. Cashier summons a mechanic, who backs the car into the building, leaving the driver’s side door ajar as he exits. Marine does a pogo cannonball lateral jump-squat (imagine something like that in your head–that’s what this kid did) into the driver’s seat of his vehicle. He eases his newly-pimped car into gear and disappears into Libo traffic.

      • Jon, OPT says:

        It’s all Department of Navy personnel.

        Jon, OPT

      • jesse says:

        Marines have not been authorized to wear cammies on libo/ out in town etc. since at least 1995. Only exception was gas (and it had better be bonafide emergency)

  5. Mike says:

    Did anyone else see the guy in eye pro, FLC and a ruck and think they randomly found a lost LT on a train?

  6. seans says:

    I seriously hope that is prescription eye pro he is wearing on the bus.

  7. Chuck says:

    Maybe he is on some form of base transit…because WTH is this?!

    • Y.T. says:

      Or he’s a Reservist/Guardsman living in the city on his way to battle assembly.

      • OND_JAG says:

        ^ This. Not much choice in NYC. The 1/69th’s armory, for example, is literally in the middle of Manhattan.

        • 11B says:

          So leave your shit at the Armory? I take most of my kit home, but I drive in a car to drill. No way in hell I’d be caught on the metro with all that swag on. Maybe there’s no room in Manhattan for lockers because of real estate prices, idk lol.

  8. 10thMountainMan says:

    Why would you?

  9. Darrel says:

    That’s it, I’m wearing my flak and Kevlar the next time I take the train. There’s no telling what’s going to happen these days. You can never be too prepared.

    I don’t understand why they think this is a good idea? In addition to being ugly, you are just painting yourself as a target for terrorists and or neo-Nazi skinhead extremist groups to harass or possible maim you. This goes against everything the excellent and inavluable MarineNet class: “anti-terrorism level one” teaches

    • OND_JAG says:

      The DOD decal for your POV alone goes against everything you’ve ever heard in a domestic terrorism/OPSEC briefing.

      Couple that with the 37 hooah decals on every Joe’s blacked-out Mustang (purchased with payday loans, of course) and a few junior enlisted trying to score free seat upgrades is probably the least of our concerns.

      • Steve says:

        OND-JAG, the DOD removed the requirement for vehicle stickers (DD Form 2220) back in 2011. Installation commanders can choose, at their own cost and discretion, to require them for entrance to their specific installation, however.

        • SSD says:

          Which makes it a total PITA in an area like the Tidewater with its multitude of bases representing every service.

        • OND-JAG says:

          Steve – Noted. I started to think maybe I’d made a mistake getting out, but then I realized you’re saying it took DOD ten years from 9/11 to figure out that having a conspicuous decal on your windshield with your basic branch and rank information was bad OPSEC.

      • straps says:

        Coast Guard decal gets you on DoD facilities without so much as a “May I see your proof of insurance?”

        Coast Guard decal (which looks like a community college parking permit from afar–and I mean that as a compliment) is to DoD decal as Firefighter flair is to Cop flair. Everyone loves FFs and Coasties. Most coppers take their TBL stuff off after the second time their windows get bashed in.

  10. KDS372 says:

    Best part about the photo….the gloves.