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TacticalGear.com – Altama Sale


TacticalGear.com has bought out the entire remaining stock of Altama boots and are selling them at closeout prices, starting at just $50. While supplies last.


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6 Responses to “TacticalGear.com – Altama Sale”

  1. Disco says:

    Not to be ‘that guy’, but Altama is out of business?

    • SSD says:

      Purchased by Original SWAT. You need to read more SSD, or at least use the search function.

      • Disco says:

        Okay thanks. I have a pair of jungle boots of theirs that still live after like 14 years.

        • Disco,

          We appreciate your continued support and great to know Altama is still a boot that exists in your lineup. Rest assured we at Original Footwear are bringing back the Altama brand and quality that this country has trusted.

          -Original Footwear