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Gunfighter Moment – Daryl Holland

When I’m asked about which holster to buy, I tell folks the same thing that I tell them for a gun; “What do you want it for?” If you are Law Enforcement or a Truck Driver that spends multiple hours in a vehicle seat, then you need a paddle holster, so it rides higher on the belt. I use a paddle holster for concealment wear and I’ve never needed anything more than the Safariland paddle holster with no thumb break or hood.

Whatever holster you end up with, practice your draw to develop the muscle memory from that holster and its position on the body. Don’t be that guy who puts his holster all over the place, like on the chest plate, and never practice drawing from that new position.

Daryl Holland

For the tactical guy, you may want to lower your holster down below the belt line and plate carriers, obvious if you’ve ever worn kit. Anyway, leg holsters are fine, but I want to keep my legs free for speed (what’s left of it), and wear a 2” drop from my belt line with an ALS type holster; see the above image of a recent photo taken with my buddy from the unit training at the Polk County Sheriffs facility. BTW, I’d like to thank the Polk County Sheriffs for a great week of training.


Daryl Holland


Daryl Holland is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major with over 20 years of active duty experience, 17 of those years in Special Operations. Five years with the 1st Special Forces Group (SFG) and 12 years in the 1st SFOD-Delta serving as an Assaulter, Sniper, Team Leader, and OTC Instructor.

He has conducted several hundred combat missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Philippines, and the Mexican Border. He has conducted combat missions in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush Mountains as a Sniper and experienced Mountaineer to the streets of Baghdad as an Assault Team Leader.

He has a strong instructor background started as an OTC instructor and since retiring training law abiding civilians, Law Enforcement, U.S. Military, and foreign U.S. allied Special Operations personnel from around the world.

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn, they offer some words of wisdom.

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6 Responses to “Gunfighter Moment – Daryl Holland

  1. Great post..thanks.

  2. Mandaloin says:

    Good info. Common “pancake” style kydex holsters will get you the same ride height as paddle holsters and usually ride closer to the body. As with everything, find what works for you.

  3. Bill says:

    I’ll use paddles off duty, but for going out in the real world I want the holster really attached to me. I’m also starting back to holsters with some type of retention device. I just foresee a fight ending with a pistol and holster in separate places on the floor.

    Like snap-on holsters, i just don’t see the need to remove my holster that often without undoing my belt a couple seconds. Maybe is some undercover areas where you might need to ditch a pistol quickly, but typically UC s don’t wear holsters anyway.

  4. jjj0309 says:

    Sorry, kinda off-topic but I gotta ask.
    What’s the trousers he’s wearing? The color looks amazing and it perfectly matches with coyote brown gears. Not pink-ish and feels really natural.
    Looks like some kind of brown BDU but I’m not sure which brand is it.

  5. Russ says:

    “but I want to keep my legs left for speed (whats left of it)”
    Aint that the truth! Getting old sucks!.

  6. SRez says:

    It would be nice if these Gunfighter Moment posts were longer than the the indepth bios that follow them. How about putting the bio in a link at the bottom? The bio takes up a huge amount of real estate in the post. Just a reader’s opinion/feedback for SSD. Thanks.