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The Beacon Outdoor Survival Box – Coming Soon To Kickstarter

Smith & Bradley will launch the Waterproof and Crush-Proof Beacon Solar Charger and LED Signaling Device

The Beacon

Sidney, Illinois, April 9, 2015: Smith & Bradley, the maker of tactical and sport watches representing three successful Kickstarter campaigns, will be launching its fourth Kickstarter project, The Beacon is a unique outdoor survival box combining waterproof storage for electronics, solar charging, and LED beacon signaling.

Enclosed in a light and rugged, efficiently sized package, the Beacon unleashes the power of solar energy to not only charge, but protect, electronic devices. Further, true to its name, the Beacon comes equipped LED lighting for both emergency situations and casual use as well. These lights are not after-thought add-on’s, but rather first rate lighting solutions. The entire package is crush-proof, waterproof, submersible, and floats even with an electronic device enclosed.

The Beacon represents a first-of-its-kind combination of charging, solar, lighting, and waterproof technology. The Beacon allows for storage of two typical mobile phones, contains 3 USB charging ports that can all be used at same time, and a Polymer lithium ion battery. The battery is charged either by traditional wall socket charging or through the Beacon’s high capacity solar panel on the top of the case. The Beacon goes beyond a mere gadget, or drugstore charger. It is a tool that is an absolute necessity for anyone who ventures outside of the urban jungle.

Further Technical Specifications Include:

beacon specs

For more information, visit: www.thebeaconbox.com

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6 Responses to “The Beacon Outdoor Survival Box – Coming Soon To Kickstarter”

  1. Patrick says:

    Yet more crowd funding! Further solidifying my opinion that this is a viable option, and kind of the wave of the future. (I hate that phrase.)

    Depending on how their Kickstarter is set up, how much they are looking to raise, and how much each unit is going to cost, I can easily see this project getting fully funded.

    Cost dependent, I’ll more than likely pledge to get one.

  2. MidgasFan says:

    These two guys are awesome and they make incredible watches! I had the pleasure of working along side them at SHOT a few years ago and following their watches as they evolve and they are producing great products that just plain work for very reasonable prices.

    This looks like another winner from these two minds!

  3. Patrick says:

    The project is live on Kickstarter. They are looking to raise $25,000. You can pledge for a single Beacon for $75.00. (They have stated the MSRP will be $130 when it goes public, so it’s a pretty good deal).

  4. Hey Soldier Systems!

    We are excited about this one and thank you all for the support. The Campaign is now live.


    Let’s make it a reality!

    • Patrick says:

      The Beacon is awesome. I plan to pledge when I get home tonight, just got to decide if I want one or two. I also let everyone in my camping/hiking/boating group know, so hopefully they’ll pick up a few as well. They sure as sh*t won’t be using mine if they don’t back it.

      Any idea how Kickstarter chooses which projects are “Staff Picks”? I was really hoping that this one would be. Maybe there is still a chance for it to become one in the future? That staff pick options seems to drive up a lot of attention on projects.

  5. badjujuu says: