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Direct Action USA Is Now Direct Action North America


Direct Action USA will now be known as Direct Action North America, following a expansion of their service into Canada. Customers in both Canada and the United States can now order direct from the Direct Action website, which features an ever expanding line of DA products, in colors and camos including: PenCott GreenZone, Shadow Grey, and MultiCam (Dust Backpack only).

In addition to expanding their market availability, Direct Action now offers shipping with both USPS and FedEx, has added a guest shopping option to the online store which removes the requirement for a registered account, and is now accepting PayPal as a method of payment.

In celebration of their expansion, Direct Action is currently offering readers a free shipping discount code, which can be applied to any valid US orders of $50 or more. Use coupon code NEWS50VOL1 to apply the discount.

Hat Tip: Strike-Hold!


6 Responses to “Direct Action USA Is Now Direct Action North America”

  1. BCM3087 says:

    Where is this stuff made?

  2. JP says:

    I tried to check out their websight and either they don’t have much to sell or their websight needs a serious overhaul.

    • Our product line is just getting started in the market. Our website is updated daily. It currently lists all of the products that are being offered at this time. As the additional products in our 2015 catalog start getting released we will update our website to reflect what we have to offer. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases.

  3. BCM3087 says:

    I received a reply today via email. The materials are US, but the products are made in Vietnam.