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Mystery Ranch – How To Pack An Elk: The Definitive Guide

Mystery Ranch partnered with outdoor media group Montana Wild to produce a hunting film that details how to process and pack an elk. Additionally, the entire process was transcribed into a blog format, which can be read at the link below:



7 Responses to “Mystery Ranch – How To Pack An Elk: The Definitive Guide”

  1. PATH says:

    Great primer for my archery bull hunt in September!

  2. Lt. Dan says:

    That pack is making my inner gear whore wet

  3. Black6ID says:

    Depending on distance to camp and temperature I like to bone out the quarters as well. Less weight and cools the meat faster. Great instructional video.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Great stuff, thanks for putting this up.

  5. Creed says:

    Awesome video

  6. Keith says:

    Any idea on the size of that Yeti cooler they are using?