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Tactical Advantage – BAE ECLiPSE 10/20/30 Sale


Now through July 6th, Tactical Advantage is offering deep discounts on all in-stock BAE ECLiPSE gear. Pouches and LBE platforms have been reduced to flat pricing of $10, $20, or $30, a savings of 40-60% off MSRP. All remaining RBAV carriers have been reduced to $250.

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4 Responses to “Tactical Advantage – BAE ECLiPSE 10/20/30 Sale”

  1. Ex Coelis says:

    For the record – Entry Gear does NOT answer their phone or ship to Canada.
    And given to their selection of EIUI gear, more’s the pity to that disappointment..

    • Dev says:

      They do answer emails though, and yes it’s a shame they don’t ship overseas to friendly nations.

  2. straps says:

    I can’t speak to the shipment TO Canada thing, except to say that RECEIVING gear from fine folk like CP Gear and ICE Tactical is an unnecessarily complicated procedure–it’s Canada–a friendly neighbor–and based on my experience with them in Afghanistan, our most sincere ally.

    The dude who runs Entrygear has never left me hanging over the course of 10 years of transactions–once even calling me to advise on the purchase a piece of gear he noticed I posed a question about on a forum.

  3. This sale has been extremely successful. Our customers have saved some hard earned money and we’ve been able to reduce some inventory. Tactical Advantage will be moving our entire warehouse north later this year so we are going to continue this sale through the month of July. Thanks to all who have participated in this sales thus far.