Evolution Is Taking Place


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  1. CAVstrong says:

    Now if I could only find small regular tops.

    More importantly what about bookends? I’d like to think that UCP proved the foley of one size fits all.

  2. Aidan says:

    But but but how will I ever blend in with the pavement?! God forbid I blend in with the foliage. Oh wait. I can see it now. Glow Belts are goanna be mandatory in field exercises now

  3. Thomas says:

    Small regular is a unicorn.

  4. rowan11b says:

    If only they didn’t have stupid backwards angled pockets!

    • Terry B. says:


      I know it looked that way in a couple of the photos that were released earlier. But you are saying the sleeve pockets are in fact slanted rearward as worn????


      • CAVstrong says:


          • SSD says:

            You couldn’t post one of our stories? What do you work for

            • Terry B. says:


              I’ll admit that I am slow on the uptake. The original pictures of MSG Owens in the new uniform looked like the pockets were still slanted forward.

              At least that is the way it looked to me. And everything I read only talked about the pockets being longer and having a zipper rather than a flap.

              I don’t remember reading anything here or in the link Badjujuu just provided about the orientation of the pocket being changed one way or another.

              My bad. Other than that I look forward to hearing from guys wearing the new uniforms about whether or not the slant improves the functionality of the pocket or not.


  5. GunPilot says:

    I’m glad this is finally happened, but it is well overdue. The UCP debacle should have never happened in the first place and I doubt PEO Soldier will ever come clean about how and why camo testing was abruptly halted and we ended up with such a terrible pattern, and who was responsible for that decision. They ought to be publicly shamed. Tarred, feathered, pelted with rotting vegetables, bitch-slapped, etc. That would help bring about “closure” after the last 10+ years of UCP.

    Any updates from Soldiers who’s units have banned the transition? I’m hoping a few lightning bolts from Mt. Olympus set things straight with the Sergeants Major and such that see fit to thumb their noses at policy reviewed and approved well above their league.

    • JOHN says:

      CSM still says no, but has benovelently authorized wear of new APFU.

    • majrod says:

      Where did my post go reference holding everyone responsible for the camo wars?

      I also stated the when this point comes up, people seem to lose interest in holding anyone responsible.

      Was that why my comment about how this whole mess got started was pulled? I’d hate to think SSD censored the truth. Please contact me directly if I did something wrong.

      • SSD says:

        Our comments system went apeshit over the weekend. We approved everything we saw fortunately, it sounds like some comments made it into the spam folder.

    • John C. says:

      I’m in National Guard Recruiting and my State’s General put out a memo stating no OCP uniforms until the first batch of new recruits return from basic training. That’s almost a year from now! First of all, in recruiting we are sales people for the military, but we are also sales models! Imagine going to a joint recruiting event and the Army is wearing OCP’s across from you. And your team is wearing ACU’s looking like a bunch of chumps that can’t move forward. The Army guys will say, “look at the National Guard, they’re slow to change, you don’t want to join that organization!” And they wonder why morale stinks sometimes.

      • SSD says:

        That AG is a fool. The Guard has been battling it out with the Regular Army over training and equipping and this guy is making Big Green’s case that the Guard is second class.

  6. Justin says:

    Yup, plenty of guys rocking there new Scorpion/Multicam uniforms when I got to work on Wednesday.

  7. Textanker says:

    Bookends? Me no understand.

    As far as OSFA, I agree with your feeling about that folly. However, I have always felt that getting your uniforms tailored really made a difference. I have a bigger upper body, relatively small waist and big thighs, so ACUs always fit me weird, like a burlap sack. I usuallu had the sleeves taken in, took in some material on the legs, and took in some on the sides of the jacket. Makes a huge difference in how they look and how they feel, and the SGM never said a thing.

    • Joe says:

      I don’t think the bookends are going to happen.

      To justify issuing a bookend, OCP would have to fail as hard as UCP during a protracted conflict.

      • CAVstrong says:

        OCP will fail just as hard during a protracted conflict. Just like multicam would. There is not such thing as a universal camouflage pattern. There is no such thing as one size fits all. If we deploy to south east asia OCP will prove to be insufficient. Effective but insufficient. Just like it will be insufficient in Iraq.

        OCP is a great step in the right direction. Now we need incremental improvements and an array of options to choose from.

      • KP says:

        I think at the very least there are available bookends out there, though it may get awkward buying MultiCam Tropic to go under a definitely not MultiCam OCP uniform. This is pure speculation but if/when we get into a protracted conflict in another clime, deploying units may get issued a MultiCam variant to wear under OCP PPE the way MultiCam was to soldiers deploying to Afghanistan.

        I have nothing to back this up other than it makes sense in a short term (and short sighted) budgetary sense and almost rationalizes not using the phase 3 cam winner since that could vaguely mean Army would need to buy three uniforms per soldier in the short term, as opposed to OCP’s one. Not trying to justify anything – just trying to make sense of it all in my head.

  8. straps says:


  9. ThePandaism says:

    He is out of regs, didn’t he read the ALARACT… you can’t wear the new OCP with the UCP tops… Wait til his SGM sees this…