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Gun Websites – Visual AK-47 Recognition Playing Cards

AK Deck

Gun Websites currently is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Warsaw Pact weapon playing cards reminiscent of aircraft identification cards. The cards will feature 52 individual Cold War-era firearms, consisting mostly of AK variants, manufactured in Russia, China, East Germany, and Bulgaria. Info on each card will include:

– Kalashnikov Model
– Country of Origin (USSR, China, E. Germany, Bulgaria)
– Countries ‘Cold War’ Flags
– Dates of Production (when available)
– Caliber (color of silhouette indicates caliber)
– Type of Receiver (Milled, Stamped)
– Materials used (Wood, Plastic, Bakelite, etc)
– Factory of Origin (when available)
– Cold War Factory Logos

Of course, the cards will also feature full suits and will fully function as a standard playing deck.

Additionally, if the funding goal is met and exceeded, Gun Websites will produce AK47 playing card stickers and a PVC Velcro patch, respectively.

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2 Responses to “Gun Websites – Visual AK-47 Recognition Playing Cards”

  1. Cropduster says:

    Nice! Another good set I would like to see would be Russian vehicles, tanks, weapons, and aircraft as well as a set for the Chinese.

  2. STEPAN1983 says:

    Again they call it AK-47 instead of AKM

    The name “AK-47” is for first experimental prototypes of rifle and for mass produced AK during its first few years, never used after in Russia