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Attention Kondor Shoppers

Remember that website before SSD that published every day and gave you 24/7 coverage of tactical industry news and new products?

No? We don’t either.

16 Responses to “Attention Kondor Shoppers”

  1. Haters gonna hate

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    What’s today’s Blue Light Special?

  3. Ben says:

    Daily reader, but I may be missing something

  4. BrettW says:

    Agreed. SSD is like the Headline news (although I hate the CNN connection) of the tactical and outdoor world. Since I’ve started following the site (prb 2010 ish), it’s become more of a morning addiction than a being “just a blog” for me (and prb many others).

    Knowing Eric, it one of the most honest outlets for coverage as well. Many others sites / writers take money or ask for free shit in order to receive a favorable article or get the “best I have ever used” tag.

  5. Phil says:

    all I can say is thank you!

  6. AKDude says:

    as a responsible citizen with a certain fetish for quality gear, SSD has been my daily read since 2009.

  7. Contractor says:

    I approve

  8. JP says:

    Ah, another great inside joke no one but two people care about.

  9. Rothgar says:

    It’s actually simple, transpose a letter with similar sound. In the headline, what kind of shoppers are they? Now, SSD talks about QUALITY gear, so people who are asking why SSD doesn’t cover certain companies don’t get the implied review. Koruna isn’t popular here either.

    No noodles needed. Well, maybe the ones in my bone house.