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Prometheus Design Werx – BoB Tool


Prometheus Design Werx has just restocked the BoB Tool. The BoB (Break or Beer) is a compact, titanium tool designed primarily for functions tailored to support EMTs and other First Responders. The functions of the BoB include the capability to rapidly open and close oxygen tank valves and break auto glass to retrieve victims. It also has a 10mm wrench, a 1/4″ hex bit driver, a recessed key ring, and a bottle cap lifter.

Included Tools

  • Tungsten Carbide Ball Glass Breaker
  • Oxygen Tank Wrench
  • Blind Pocket ¼” driver
  • 10mm Wrench
  • Bottle Cap Lifter
  • Key Ring Hole
  • Lashing Holes
  • prometheusdesignwerx.com/collections/one-piece-tools/products/pdw-bob-tool


    3 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – BoB Tool”

    1. Weaver says:

      Unfortunately, pretty sure this would class as “brass knuckles” in many States.

      It’s a shame, because it looks like an interesting assemblage of tools – but the glass breaker button is the most worthless, while a strap cutter blade would be much more useful in its place.

      In my experience, the number of times I’ve had to use a small pocket tool to break automotive glass while not wearing turnout gear (which always has a glass breaker in one of the pockets) can be counted on the fingers of one foot. It just doesn’t need to happen that often, certainly not enough to justify the number of tools out there with glass breaker options on them.

      • Weaver says:

        Re-reading this, I see I forgot to include suggested changes as I’d intended.

        1) I’d put a horizontal tab within the ring, to turn it into a bottle opener and to negate possible perceived use as brass knuckles.

        2) I’d turn the round bottle tab lifter into a strap cutter – rarely in civilian EMS used to cut straps, but great for cutting clothing.

    2. Major_Northeast_City says:

      I agree completely with Weaver.