The Peak Inc. – Level 1 Survival Lanyard

The Peak Inc is run by a retired PJ friend of mine. Rod Alne runs a great program in Montana with medical, mobility, mountaineering and firearms training. There are surveyed DZs, a variety of close and long distance ranges including a maniacal unknown distance high angle course of fire. In addition to training some of this nation’s most elite, The Peak also offers open enrollment courses. They even have a few cool pieces of kit that most anyone in the outdoors can use, like this lanyard.


Level 1 Survival Lanyard
The level 1 Survival Lanyard is your last line of defense in a survival situation. The lanyard is designed to carry the last items required to be successful in a survival situa-tion. On your lanyard, you can place a signal device, fire starter, compass, small knife, and a light source. Plus, it has 45 ft of paracord to be used for shelters and snares.


The Level 1 Lanyard runs $15, or $25 with items. To order, you can email [email protected].


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