“If Only There Was A Law…”

If only there was a law against murder, all of these killings would stop.

As we all know, depending on the jurisdiction there are multiple statutes against different types of murder, conspiring to murder, using certain implements to murder, depraved indifference to murder and so on.  Yet, it continues to happen.

Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste
The anti-2A agenda takes every opportunity to call for “common sense” gun control measures, including the most recent horrible murders, where the perpetrators took advantage of social media to spread their agendas of hate.

In the case of the Charleston church murderer, Dylann Roof, the government failed to enforce current legislation by allowing him to purchase a gun in spite of a drug arrest. More recently, Virginia murderer Bryce Williams purchased his gun legally. Yet, none of the current, or proposed firearms legislation would have prevented either of those fiends from violating one of the most fundamental precepts of modern society, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

Murder, It’s Illegal, And Yet They Persist
Despite the quote I led the story with, murder is already against the law. Short of developing crime precognition and arresting those who plan to kill, there are no laws that will stop a determined murderer. If they ignore our most basic laws and the sanctity of life, why would we ever expect them to obey gun laws?

Individual Responsibility
Individual responsibility was long the cornerstone of our country’s strength. Now, we have a very vocal element of our society that doesn’t want to hold the individual responsible. Instead, they’d rather blame inanimate objects; like guns and knives, as if the evildoer were the victim.

I personally don’t believe that anyone who commits murder is in their right mind, but that doesn’t mean they are insane either. Conversely, one can be certifiable, unaware of the consequences of their actions, and still do things that are against the law. To be sure, most perpetrators know exactly what they are up to, but the punishment associated with murder doesn’t deter them. We can’t stop evil in men’s hearts but we can counter their actions, if we are prepared to take reaponsibility for our own safety and that of our loved ones.

Some acknowledge evil, and yet their answer is prohibition. They want to ban all firearms hoping that this will stop murder. But, making it harder for law abiding citizens to defend themselves is no answer either.

We need look no further than another instance of prohibition for the answer. As a society we have banned drugs. And yet, our prisons are full of those convicted of trafficking in drugs as well as associated crimes. The criminal element has ended any debate. If guns are outlawed, outlaws will have them, and the citizenry will be left at their mercy. If we want crime and helplessness to sky rocket in America, simply disarm our law-abiding citizens.

More Laws Aren’t The Answer
It’s high time that the anti-gun agenda abandon its tactic of blaming firearms for the acts of criminals and begin to look at enforcing existing laws, as well as effective mental health care. It’s not going to stop all criminal activity, but it will certainly will help.

As for the truly evil ones? I don’t think we’ll ever stop them, but at least the rest of us can defend ourselves, so long as we are armed.

38 Responses to ““If Only There Was A Law…””

  1. Diggdatt says:

    What I cannot comprehend is how this argument doesn’t just end the debate.

    • Ted says:

      Because the debate and agenda is profitable. No matter how stupid.

      • mike says:

        The same reason you can’t convince a person that their god only exists in their mind. Faith and facts exist wholly separate from one another.

        • reverend says:

          Mike, you hit the nail right on the head. It’s not a matter of facts, logic, and good sense. It’s a matter of Utopian faith that more gun laws will prevent anything bad from happening.

          Consider this, every mass shooting has occurred in an area where firearms are prohibited.

          The past mass shooters have passed background checks, including mental checks, due to faults in the systems by the courts in reporting mental illness.

          Waiting periods don’t work for the insane. They bide their time.

          If they wanted to fix the system, then fix the system we have already, don’t overburden it with more rules that cause problems.

    • orly? says:

      It is again because it is not perfect, even if we were all armed.

      The various gangs/militias both past and present are proof of that.

      Some would say it adds to the chaos in comparison to the continent of Africa.

      For instance, who was right in the Hatfield/McCoy conflict, and would you have supported an Second Civil War to have put an end to it “properly?”

      The “Kill ’em all and let God sort it out” way correct?

      • balais says:

        Yeah funny how you omit the swiss militia, or the colonial militia during the american revolution, or the groups of korean-immigrant shopkeepers defending their own property from rioters.

        and adds to the chaos? compared to the oppressive and kleptocratic government regimes of africa on a continent that does not value western rule of law?

  2. MikeB. says:

    Well said, SSD!

  3. mike says:

    I love this post so much. Thanks Admin for giving us *actual* common sense conversation.

  4. T.H says:

    One of the most important posts Ive ever seen on SSD… Too bad it will fall upon deaf ears.

  5. The Stig says:


  6. Historia says:

    Oh SSD, you and these rational arguments will never succeed.

  7. sam says:

    Well said.

  8. Brian says:

    Thanks for posting this, SSD. We need all like minded people to be engaged in the political process to protect our rights. That means voting and supporting groups, businesses and, yes, politicians who support our rights. I hope some of the younger members of our community realize how far we have come since the AWB in ’94. We all must work to make sure something like that does not happen again.

  9. The Pig says:


  10. Mike Nomad says:

    Thanks for a reality shot, Mr. SSD. We do indeed have enough laws on the books, just a lack of will to enforce them.


    18 U.S. Code, Section 2331: Bryce Williams should be labeled a Domestic Terrorist. Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath…

  11. AJ504 says:

    Changing my screen name since there is another going by just AJ on here lately. That aside, something I would like to add to on the drugs statement SSD made and something I always bring up with this same discussion. We attempted to prohibit alcohol years ago as well, and look how that turned out.

  12. Disco says:

    I saw this one movie where only cops and soldiers had guns, everybody had a job, and free housing.

    It was called Schindler’s List

  13. SShink says:

    Spot on article.

    Guns, knives, hammers, hatchets, cars, airplanes, explosives, etc. – if someone wants to commit murder, they will. No law can stop that.

    • orly? says:

      Should we abolish Police and let the hate mingle with guns?

      • SSD says:

        I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say here.

      • TominVA says:

        I’m not sure I get the point either, though The logic of SShink’s comment escapes me as well. If someone can break a law, there’s no point in having that law?

        • BAP45 says:

          I think he’s just saying that if someone is really intent on it they will use whatever means they can.

      • balais says:

        Want a hatchet? to attack that strawman you propped up?

  14. Carlos says:

    Stop notoriety for murderers and other criminals.

    • SSD says:

      That would help. I noticed the press started to police themselves now that they have been targeted.

  15. Dellis says:

    According to the anti gun folks, there was no mass killings prior to the invention of a 16 round semi-auto handgun.

    Man will always find a way to kill. Take away guns, “GUN” crime will plumet but murder committed by bats, knives, sticks, molotov cocktails, posion, hands and feet will rise.

    We are a people of war.

    SSD, great article BUT the problem with this venue is you’re basically preaching to the choir, eh? This should be posted on some left wing anti-gun site. I would do it but after one post at Huffington Post on a gun issue I was banned!!

  16. Terry B. says:

    Very well said SSD. Spot on.

    It is unfortunate that logic and reason are often so easily overwhelmed by the emotions associated with this subject.

    Keep up the good fight!


  17. nonesuch says:

    Well said. Unfortunately those who comprehend 2A and your worthy sentiment are a minority and the number who care enough to do something productive about it shrinks every day. The exact outcome of our complacency and apathy is unknown but surely is an asset to and strengthens every individual, organization and country dedicated to the downfall of the USA. Worst of all, a growing number of those individuals and organizations seem to be homegrown.

  18. Trevor says:

    Since when does a drug arrest prohibit someone from purchasing a firearm? Only domestics and felonies prohibit someone. Before someone says it, not all drug arrests are felonies. In fact arrests don’t prevent anybody from anything, only convictions and restraining orders.

  19. Bradkaf308 says:

    Some acknowledge evil? Maybe. I think the majority of common people who are anti gun, don’t. They think banning an item will stop bad things from happen because they can’t comprehend really bad people. They can’t comprehend a lot of things people do in the world.

  20. Uncle Dan says:

    I believe the pre-King James version of that Commandment is “Thou Shalt Not Murder”, which is even more on point.

    Good article.

  21. Will says:

    The CDC and Harvard published reports on gun control not long after Sandy Hook. Their report documented that unarmed countries have more violent crime than unarmed countries. It’s true that unarmed countries have less gun crime, but almost without exception the crime rate in unarmed societies is much higher. As an example, Russia has a total handgun ban, and has ten times the murders per every 100,000 people, than in the US. In Russia, 77 murders for ever 100,000 citizens. In the US it’s 7. Furthermore, without fail they documented all over Europe the higher the gun ownership, the less overall crime.

    Of course we should not even be having this argument simply because the 2nd Amendment should guarantee these rights.

  22. Ed says:

    Another web site noted the issuance of the 200,000th License to Carry Firearms in the state of Minnesota. In a comment to the article. someone asked how many Licenses to Worship have been issued so far by the state of Minnesota. It is odd that somehow some people think that licensing by states weeds out the unsuitable from carrying weapons, and background checks prevent the transfer of weapons to the unsuitable. The uncomfortable truth is that aside from violating people’s 4th Amendment rights to be free from search and seizure without probable cause or warrant, there is no way to keep people from asserting their 2nd Amendment rights, just as there is no reasonable way to prevent people from asserting their 1st Amendment rights, nor is it reasonable to want to do so.

    Demand that your state legislators and your Congressman repeal all gun control laws. Have them spend the money saved on better freely available mental health care free of social stigma. If someone is truly a danger to others, then why are they allowed to freely interact with others without restriction? Our current method is to restrain the sane and those who would comply with laws to somehow restrain those defective in thought and non-compliant with laws. That is malevolent.

    Be free. Enjoy liberty, with less government interference in your lives.

  23. Good fodder for No Talking Points! Thanks for the post!

  24. balais says:

    This is what is tragically amusing: not a single quip from the MSM, especially rags like the atlantic or MJ, about this racially-centered motivations behind the attack. Not a single thing.

    But when some moron like Roof wears a confederate shirt? why, there begins the entire existential crisis and calls for more discussion about racism and classism in america! and of course, confederate flags. Nevermind that the church goers forgave roof (something I wouldn’t have done, guess thats why im not religious), resulting in the media deciding to run with something to increase ratings and relevance.

    And of course, there began the usual gun control talking line brought up by zero, without delay of course, who promptly had a huge cup of STFU once it was discovered how he obtained the gun used in the crime. Hint: it wasn’t a gun show loophole or NRA-member.

    This is why I refuse to serve anymore. Let these “voters” watch their own backs. Maybe they will re-learn simple concepts like “individual responsibility” rather than trying to vote for a living, being part of the FSA (free shit army).