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Magpul – 2016 Calendar


Magpul has just finished photography on the upcoming 2016 calendar, and is now working on choosing the best shots and formatting for the final product. It’s still a few months out, but Magpul has provided a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot:

Plus, if you use the Add To Wishlist option on the product page, you’ll receive an email when they calendars are available for purchase, and you will receive a special offer for 10% off your entire order when you add the calendar to your cart.



17 Responses to “Magpul – 2016 Calendar”

  1. Bradkaf308 says:

    Some people just have the crappiest jobs.

  2. Jack says:

    I got a freedom boner from watching this

  3. Ben says:

    I bet that’s what heaven is like.

  4. m5 says:

    Shame on Magpul. A respectable company shouldn’t – and wouldn’t – be publishing sexist crap.

    • Rob371 says:

      Sexist? Magpul is discriminating against women by making a calendar? Yeah, clearly those women involved are non willing participants. If only they had known that they were hired to be models for a calendar….

      Lighten up, Francis.

    • SSD says:

      You are WAY behind the times. Women are taking control of their bodies and their sexuality. The most feminist thing a woman can do is show off her sexuality. I literally heard this on an interview after the MTV VMAs so it has to be true.

    • Steve says:

      M5 is why we have to sit through 8 hours of SHARP training this year. Thanks, douche.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Sexist? I’ve seen pictures, some on this very website, of guns. Some of guns being held by men, and some of guns being held by women. In this case, the gun looks both happy and safe. I do not have any feelings of “Bad Touch!” I think your cries of “sexist” are misdirected.

    • jjj0309 says:

      This is not tweeter or tumblr. Take your Social Justice movement somewhere else.

  5. HMFIC says:

    Now that’s a great way to kick my morning off! Thanks for sharing – America Fuck Yeah! Thanks SSD

  6. cimg says:

    Magpul has a way with plastic….and silicone!

  7. Chase says:

    I sure that some models will have features that are all natural and some will be sporting PMAMs!

  8. SPQR476 says:

    Not sexist, nor intended to be. These girls are professional fashion and glamour models, and are all business. They are very good at what they do, and you might be surprised at how difficult it is–it’s not digging ditches, but it’s not a party. These shots are far less revealing than many fashion publications and portfolios, and this is actually one of the favorite projects for the women in the photos, the female art director, female producer, female photographer, etc., and no one is being taken advantage of, I assure you. Plus…this calendar is for charity. We don’t make anything on it. All the women involved see it as an artistic expression, are proud of the finished product, and are happy and excited to be a part of it.

    • SOF elitist says:

      Maybe he thinks it’s sexist against the men he would like to see scantily clad in the calendar? Not taking a cheap shot here, but there’s nothing sexist against women, so it may just be he wants some abs, pecs, and man-rump.

  9. Patrick says:

    Dollars to doughnuts, M5 isn’t a woman, but a man with his balls in his wife’s purse.

    Just a guess.

  10. Dellis says:

    Define “sexist”? Forgive me for my stupidity, but just what in the hell is “sexist” really? I hear the term so much now and I am told if I hold a door open for a lady that that can be seen as me being “sexist”….WTF? I thought I was being a gentleman and doin what my mom and dad taught me.

    So we have here some beautiful women who model clothes and guns (or what ever) and if a man looks at it, in admiration or in a “Whoa, she’s hot” way that is being “sexist”? Degrading to women? If so then why do women do it? How can they sleep at night knowing the trauma they have caused thousands of men? I demand some answers damn it!! In the mean time I’ll be in my bunk.