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M2 System Complete Kit With PS

The M-Harness was born of CTOMS’ drive to produce designs customized to the unique capability requirements of defense and security, rather than simply adapt a typical recreational mountaineering harness and offer it in “military colors”. The concept behind the M-Harness was to build a safe design, where the main belt could be worn as a standard trouser belt, with the convenience of a quick release belt, eliminating the requirement for carrying two belts, reducing weight and bulk. This design also sped up donning and doffing the harness, and allows the user to to keep their feet planted while donning the leg loops, ideal when wearing crampons or skis.

The M2 system is an evolution of the original M-Harness design. The buckles were shrunk for less weight and bulk. This also allowed the use of smaller webbing. AustriAlpin customized the buckles for CTOMS so the tabs are flush with the frame for additional safety. Padding was added as a standard feature on the leg loops, and the rear support straps are field replaceable. CTOMS ensured that the safety and function of the harness was the highest standard, not compromising any safety features for convenience, but also not compromising convenience (see Private Bloggins Harnesses 101).

M2-Belt Coyote Brown

As for the belt, it is 1 3/4″ wide for fit into 2″ trouser belt loops; a 2″ Duty Belt version that has internal loop Velcro, and an inner soft trouser belt are currently in production. The belt is also compatible with the CTOMS X-Belt padding and armor system, making for a versatile and scalable system. If a harness is not in your requirements, it also happens to make for a pretty good standalone belt, as well.



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