SIG MMG 338 Program Series

GSS Gear – Black Friday

These deals are for their Va Beach location.  
Shoppers enjoy a catered lunch at by 11:30.

9 Responses to “GSS Gear – Black Friday”

  1. NP says:

    Might want to offer a bigger discount on the EOTech gear… all things considered…

    • tazman66gt says:

      First thing I thought when I saw that.

      • Kerbert says:

        All things considered what? That they possibly shift at extreme temps? Mall ninjas are always super critical

        • Airborne_fister says:

          I was reading an air soft forum. Just to see what they were saying. They don’t care they think that since all SOF personnel use them. Then they are still the best. So they are trying to get replica EO tech? Might be better then the original ones

        • NP says:

          The value of a product starts to take a dive once consumer confidence does. If I were an EOTech distributor, I’d be wise to get rid of any remaining inventory before I’d be forced to eat the cost when nobody wants the product anymore.

          Simple economics.

          • Bobby Davro says:

            Mmmm lets put it into perspective how many (apart from arctic warfare and extreme desert fighters will reach those extremes ?? Certainly not the range day warriors and shooting course gurus kicking around here

            • SSD says:

              I’m not sure what that comment has to do with GSS. However, if you’re still upset about EOTech being caught committing fraud against the government, I’ll remind you that guns left in vehicles often reach both of those extremes.

            • NP says:

              Right – the practicality of the situation is different than the perceived value though.

              And SSD, while people still buy them, there’s no denying recent events will negatively impact future sales.

              On a relevant note – the GSS deals look great. =]

          • SSD says:

            There are plenty of folks who will still buy them.