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Mudge Smash Monday

Anytime someone gets under the skin of the anti-2A movement, I smile.  


Well done Mudge, well done…


5 Responses to “Mudge Smash Monday”

  1. Philip says:

    The mental midgetry of anti-2A never ceases to disgust me…

  2. justaguy says:

    I would not, at all, be hard-pressed to imagine a more immoral or degenerate industry. Like at all.

    Let’s start with an industry dedicated to disarming their fellow American and making them targets for a wide variety of crimes, shall we?

  3. Vince says:

    I would not be hard pressed to imagine a more immoral or degenerate industry such as mainstream journalism, liberal journalism, investagative journalism with ulterior motives, or political journalism. Did I mention journalism? Report objective facts or Mudge Smash!