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OR – Lifestraw Steel

Lifestraw is introducing the new Steel model at this Outdoor Retailer.  

The Steel removes 99.9999% of bacteria and Protozoa for up to 265 gallons.  The straw design allows you to drink directly from a water source.  What’s more, they added an activated carbon filter which pre filters the water which also removes taste and chemicals.  Not only is the new steel case more durable, it’s also recyclable.  


12 Responses to “OR – Lifestraw Steel”

  1. The problem with all of these gizmos is they have no way of killing viruses, correct?

    • P.J. says:

      A sufficiently small pore size will prevent viruses from passing through, but most of the really small filters don’t have pores that small. The Lifestraw filter and the Sawyer Mini for instance do not. They both offer larger filters that can filter out viruses, but it’s not as big a deal for most of N. America.

  2. Adun says:

    What is the point of getting one of these when the Sawyer Mini is still out there?

    • TheCrustyCameron says:

      My thoughts exactly, it is a great third world handout for safety but making it pretty with the same filter inside is merely lipstick on a pig. Until there is a filter which is resistant to freezing (which an aussie company was working on via a titanium filter element), I’m having trouble seeing better options than the Sawyer Squeeze and Mini.

    • mike says:

      They are different systems with different mechanisms. Why have Pepsi when Coke is still out there? I prefer the H2Go and Platypus Gravity Works, but there’s value in having other options.

      • TheCrustyCameron says:

        Take the GravityWorks system and convert the filter to a Sawyer Squeeze when your Platy craps out after 1500L or earlier. You can also build the system from scratch using platy parts but as much as a like Cascade Designs, Sawyer produces a filter with better longevity at an even more attractive price point.

        • mike says:

          By craps out do you mean no longer passes water? It’s a ceramic element that I keep from freezing by sleeping with it; I backflush frequently and pass a mild chlorine solution before storing it. I agree the Sawyer filter medium is cool, but the ceramic medium has done well for me.

  3. Tacticoooool says:

    I find the comments almost as entertaining as the articles. I use to come to this website strictly to see what new product are coming out and how are other companies pushing the norm through innovation. Now I come here to also read all these comments. It doesn’t matter if it’s guns, parts, or gear. Everyone seems to have a PhD in engineering and feel compelled to share there opinion. Its comical to see all these one company is better than the other post. Like Mike said other brands can create what they feel is a better spin off on a product, as long as they do not infringe on a patent.

  4. Jon, OPT says:

    What I dislike about this is it appears (from looking at the site) that this is designed for use from the source only. With my Sawyer you can fill a bag or bottle and go, the drink off of it, or fill a container (like a pot for boiling) and use if for food. Not seeing a distinct advantage, unless they are just not mentioning that it will thread into Platy Bags, as well as be used as a huge frigging straw.

    Nice concept, and kind of cool, but my Sawyer does far more.