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A Little Motivation from Complete Parachute Solutions and Magul CORE

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9 Responses to “A Little Motivation from Complete Parachute Solutions and Magul CORE”

  1. 61575 says:

    I doubt that guys this experienced would do it, but at 2:58 there’s a guy looks almost like he’s “kicking” on exit – can anyone more experienced tell me what it might be?

    • 61575 says:

      Sorry – 2:55

      • DeadAirJumper says:

        Could be that he’s dropping into dead air for the first time? Although as you mentioned, they must be all experienced to make a solo jump over Everest.

  2. Wb says:

    Likely balance issues on the hill. If you feel like your twisting onto your back you’ll start kicking to stay stable. Looks like they had some forward movement from the helicopter which generally helps jumpers by providing a relative wind to work with right out the door, however it’s generally less than a jump plane and the air is also thinner at this jump altitude making it also more challenging. But I didn’t look at it with a fine tooth comb so might have missed an issue. Source: 1200 jumps exp.

    My question is: why the rucks? Emergency gear in case of an off landing and difficult extraction?

    • Phil says:

      Maybe they just have to walk some to where they can get picked up?

    • Cody says:

      The expedition had several objectives, to gather opening load data(all rigs were set up with load sensors on the risers), to test a new combat O2 system, to scout a possible DZ above 20,000 feet and to make worlds highest combat equipment parachute landings. Unfortunately, due to the fuel embargo, we ran out of gas before we could get to the higest DZ so we just matched what the current world record landing was, just with rucks. It was still by all accounts, an epic trip. And next year will be even better.

  3. Jon C. says:

    The whole point was to test combat equipment at altitude to validate CPS’ curriculum for MFF insertions, hence the rucks.