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FirstSpear Friday Focus – FirstSpear V10 Catalog

FirstSpear V10

Out just in time for SHOT Show, FirstSpear has released the 10th edition of their product catalog. You can read it by clicking the image above.



11 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – FirstSpear V10 Catalog”

  1. Jon says:

    kinda looks like Eminem in camo there…just saying.

  2. Kemp says:

    Interesting rail on that hk21e

    • James says:

      It’s an MSG ,not a 21E. There’s a very well camoed mag well and a drum there. The MSG 90 is halfway between a PSG and a HK11(automatic rifle which would have the even heavier 21e style quick change barrel). The 21e is better.

      • James says:


        • Greg says:

          It’s the wrong stock for the MSG90 though, it’s got the 21e/11e stock. But it is missing the quick change barrel, so I’m at a loss.

          • James says:

            Pieced together custom thing,noticed the clubfoot stock, but it seems like I have seen it on some MSG’s. No clue…..

            • Joe says:

              I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what this rifle is or at least what it started out as for awhile now. From other pictures with different angles, it appears to have an MSG correct trigger, paddle magazine release, standard cocking-handle, the aforementioned clubfoot stock, and B&T hand guard.
              The presence of these items led me to believe that it was a standard G3 or AG3, but the presence of the welded receiver rail made me think of the Swedish Ak-4B or, more likely, a PTR or CA rifle.
              I then noticed that the front sight is flip-up, requiring a cut-down, railed front triple tower that doesn’t seem to exist outside of these pictures, as well as a flip-up rear. So honestly, what it is is anyone’s guess. I agree with your suggestion that it is a pieced together, very custom, and very expensive G3/HK91/clone variant. Or airsoft.

  3. Jon says:

    Think the gun is a PTR MSG91