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High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – Prodigy PMP

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley Vs Prodigy Pulley - PMP

The Prodigy PMP is identical to the Prodigy Pulley in dimensions and performance, however it features the addition of a Prusik-minding flange on one side. This flange adds slight weight to the device, bringing it up to 1.6 oz., compared to the 1.5 oz. of the original Prodigy Pulley.

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley - PMP Attached View V1

It should be noted that the PMP is not a replacement for the Pulley. The flange does add additional versatility to the pulley, however the choice between the PMP and non-PMP style is dependent largely on requirement – capability vs. weight savings. TRACE Kits will continue to include the original pulley for weight savings.

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley - PMP Reverse Side View V1

Currently available in red in limited quantities. Coming soon in black.


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

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