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High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – K3 Tether

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

CTOMS K3-Sling Alternative Configuration

K3 Tether

Sometimes the simple products are more complex than you think. Retention lanyards are an example. CTOMS performed testing on a typical helicopter retention lanyard (brand name withheld though many brands have very similar design and construction) – the type made of 1” tubular nylon with shock cord inserted into the core. The intent of the shock cord is to slightly shorten the tether to manage its length but provide stretch to a longer length for functional range.

100kg (225 lb.) test mass

Fall Factor 1.0: 10.2kN (2293 lbf)

Fall Factor 2.0: 13.2kN (2967.5 lbf) Failed

Traditional Tether from Chris Kopp on Vimeo.


At the same time CTOMS tested their K2-Sling adjustable retention lanyard. It is a basic design of 8mm accessory cord with sewn terminations, a connector at each end, and a 6mm sewn loop attached to the 8mm with a 4 wrap Prusik. That loop is then Cat’s Paw’d onto a quick release marine shackle. The design allows for tether length adjustment and also release from the system under load in a two part disconnect that prevent inadvertent release of a sole marine shackle attachment.

100kg (225 lb.) test mass

FF2.0: 13.5kN (3035 lbf) caught load

K2 Tether from Chris Kopp on Vimeo.

A high peak force, but at least still retained.

K2 and K3 in use

The next generation retention lanyard incorporates TRACE Systems force limiting technology. The new K3 Tether is made of 6mm TRACE Systems Rope and incorporates a Quickie Ascender (QA) for length adjustment. The long leg is 2 meters long, which means at maximum reach for most people, there will still be adequate slack to allow slippage through the device to arrest a fall. The K3 has been designed for both helicopter retention and mountaineering retention. It can be configured so that the adjustment (QA) is at the harness (usually helicopter) or at the anchor end (usually mountaineering).

The lanyard has a long leg and a short leg. The long leg is for personal retention and connection to an anchor, and when mountaineering, the short leg is to connect the rappel device to. The large loop would normally be girth hitched to the harness. When climbing with TRACE Systems, the short leg also is where the belay device would be connected providing a slight extension, which is ideal in that unique circumstance. A set of ettriers can also be hung on the tether carabiner and either as a single or a pair, is an excellent adjustable daisy chain for aid climbing.

In helicopter retention mode, the K3 would normally be flipped, connecting the adjustment end (QA) to your harness, and the “Y” end loop and short leg to a connector then to the aircraft. This ensures adjustment is always in reach.

The best part of the K3 is the soft catch of a major fall and slippage of rope through the device of under 1 meter. While the test videos are not in actual tether configuration, the adaptation is practically seamless.

100kg (225 lb.) test mass

FF2.0: 3.7kN caught load

QA Fall Factor 2 from Chris Kopp on Vimeo.

Drop tests on actual tethers are planned soon and once all is good and verified, the K3 will become commercially available.


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – DMM – Passive Protection

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016



Refined over many years, the Wallnuts are as popular as ever with climbers; from those taking their first steps onto rock, to the seasoned campaigner – proof that they really do work. Wallnuts are the backbone of any trad rack, with most climbers carrying at least one full set and supplementing them with the more specialized passive protection from the DMM range. The carefully calculated sizing and angles, unique scoops, and multiple placement options all add up to increase the chances of getting that 10/10 runner that allows you to press on upwards.

> Eleven color coded sizes offer easy identification and cover placements from 6.7mm to 37.4mm

> Lightweight and strong > Recessed wires on sizes 1-6 to increase durability and shallow placement options

> Anodized for corrosion resistance



Where do you turn when the cracks are flared? No good for standard wires? Too open for a cam? The legendary Hugh Banner came up with the answer: Offsets. An ideal complement to a standard rack, the five sizes of HB Alloy Offsets can provide solid, confidence inspiring placements where simply nothing else will work to get you out of that jam.

> Five color coded sizes

> Multiple placement options for each size

> A hugely useful addition to Wallnuts

Torque Nuts


Outrageously light and strong, the Torque Nuts take over where the Wallnuts leave off. Starting at 31 mm and continuing to a whopping 71mm, this versatile set takes care of wide crack passive protection with gusto. The carefully shaped bodies allow the climber to place the Torque Nut like a Wallnut in a constriction in one orientation, and in the other, the Torque Nut really ‘cams’ – allowing protection in parallel cracks. Once the placement is solid, the clever sling system (patented) that helped you rack the Torque neatly and away from your knees can be extended out of the depths of the crack, reducing rope drag and adding security to your runner.

> Four sizes cover a huge range from 31mm to 71mm

> Color coded for easy identification

> Patented 8mm extendable Dynatec sling allows compact racking and easy extension

> Multiple placement options per size



So you’ve got all the gear lodged into the crag, now the second has to get it all out. We’ve manufactured the Nutbuster to be simple, reliable and user-friendly. The tip of the tool is slimmed down to get to those hard to reach micros, and the handle is comfortable rubber to ensure a firm grip when shifting those stubborn nuts. The handle can be removed to expose a 17mm spanner for tightening up any loose bolts

> Rubber handled nut key > Laser cut from stainless steel

> Lightening holes to reduce weight

> Narrow profile to access deep placements

> 17mm spanner inside handle


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – Atlas Devices – REBS Compact Launcher

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Compact Launcher

The REBS Compact Launcher is a multiple shot, subsurface transit capable rope/ladder deployment system that is optimal for use in scenarios where traditional hook & pole climbing systems can’t reach high enough to hit a target. The REBS is capable of reaching vertical heights of 100+ feet, and excels for use in mission profiles including Visit Board Search and Seizure, High Angle Rescue, Urban Vertical Assault, and Tactical Rope Access.


  • Bore: 50mm / 2.17in
  • Dimension/Weight: Length 23in/585mm (collapsed) ; 9.7lbs/4.4kg—Button Collapsible Stock
  • Pressure—300bar/4500psi
  • Rope Diameters—Variable
  • Rope Ladder Deployment: Yes
  • Full Pressure shots per bottle fill: 2+
  • Accuracy: +/- 3ft @ max height
  • Height Selectable Deployment: Variable
  • Max Height-Rope: 115ft—Rope diameter and condition dependent
  • Max Horizontal-Rope: 190ft / 60m
  • Max Height-Ladder: 52ft / 16m
  • Live Single-Operator Load on Grapnel: Yes
  • Grapnel Feature: Replaceable Impact Tip, Collapsible Titanium Arms
  • Dive Capable
  • Atlas Devices_Compact Launcher_GOPLAT

    Get the full Atlas Catalog here: atlasdevices.com/pdf/Atlas_Devices-2015_Catalog.pdf

    For more info visit www.atlasdevices.com or email sales@atlasdevices.com.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – T2-Harness

    Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


    We set out to solve the problem of wearing a chest or full body harness that incorporates into an armor plate carrier system. Typically a system like this would either go under the armor, making the high attachment point exit from behind the plate getting into the face of the wearer. The other more common option if for a system to go over top of the plate carrier and all the attached pouches. The problem with that is that it makes the pouches less accessible and when loaded can crush the content. Not ideal for things like first aid kits and even pressing the PTT switch on a radio.

    We designed the T2-Harness to seamlessly integrate into a plate carrier. The webbing runs through the MOLLE in front of the armor, but behind any mounted pouches thus solving the two major problems. The T2 must be used in conjunction with either an M2 or G2 Harness (sold separately) as the only tested and compatible seat components, creating a Class 3 harness system.

    T2 Harness 360 View

    The T2 uses the same convenient connection style as our patented M2 Harness system. Comfort adjustment is fast and easy while donned to transition from suspension to walking and vice versa.


    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – DMM – Chimera

    Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016


    An evolution of our ever popular Phantom, the Chimera is the ultimate in high performance, light weight, clean nosed biners. The clean and shrouded nose gives added security from snagging and accidental gate opening, and the low weight reduces your overall load, making the Chimera perfect for fast and light missions.


    > Designed for maximum strength with minimum weight at 30g

    > Clean nose for snag-free clipping and unclipping

    > Quickdraws supplied on 8mm Dynatec with rubber keeper


    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – TRACE Systems Authorized Trainer Course

    Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

    TRACE Course Photo 1

    The TRACE Systems Authorized Trainer Course is a 5 day program that covers advanced use of TRACE Systems. Topics include professional and hasty rescue systems with 1 and 2 person loads, guiding lines, high lines with reeves, multi-pitch work climbing, glacier travel and crevasse rescue among other topics. The 5 days of training will bring a unit/agency’s instructor cadre to the Authorized TRACE Systems Trainer level for the agency, and Instructor level for the Instructors, authorizing them to teach basic and advanced use to their unit after completing the online pre-course/pre-use packages. This course is ideal for military units requiring complex terrain negotiation, law enforcement special tactics units and even civil Search and Rescue Team. TRACE Systems is not to replace traditional systems, but to fill a gap, provide a light weight alternative, without compromise of safety or capability, when traditional systems are weigh prohibitive.

    TRACE Course Photo 5

    Venue’s for the training can be urban, mountain or a mixture of both depending on the agency’s mission requirements. A typical course will start with a day of basics, getting into the details and the importance of specific progression in the training when running a course. Glacier travel and crevasse rescue can be taught on a tower or rock. A glacier is not a key component to learning the systems. Two days of rescue systems follow learning professional rescue with one and two rescuers. Included in those days is high lines that can be used with a reeve for rescue, or for bridging in complex terrain negotiation. The fourth day will get into the process of climbing with the system, setting up fixed lines and the always interesting discussion of self-rescue. The work week finishes off, depending on venue, with a multi-pitch climb. And all this done on the TRACE Systems 6mm rope.


    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – Atlas Devices – Atlas Powered Ascender 5 (APA5)

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

    Atlas Devices-APA5-Single Person Rescue

    The Atlas Powered Ascender 5, or APA-5, is a powered ascension device which is optimized for situations such as High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Disaster Response, and AIROPS. Described as “the 4-6 man haul team in 1 box”, the APA-5 features trigger controllable speed with power tool-like design, and requires minimal training to operate.



    – PN: APA-5, APA-5-S (AK-APA5 for Full Kit)
    – Weight: 14.5 lbs /6.6kg
    – Max direct lift capacity: 600 lbs /272kg
    – Ascent/descent speed: Variable
    – Intuitive power tool-like operation / Variable speed control governor
    – Submerged system operation
    – Load-rated housing


    – STD-7.5lbs/3.4kg; High Capacity-12.4lbs/5.6kg
    – Depth-rated interchangeable battery


    – Rope diameters: 6-11mm
    – Integrates seamlessly with COTS climbing equipment


    – Operational seawater depth rating
    – Operating Temp Range: -10° F to +120° F / -23° C to +49° F


    – Fully tensile load-rated housing
    – Ergonomic safety interlock for operation
    – Emergency mechanical descent without battery
    – Non-volatile battery if punctured by ballistic


    – Wired or wireless remote control
    – High-speed ascent (lower max lift capacity)
    – Multi-diameter rope capability in single configuration
    – Extended life battery


    – NAVSEA 9310 Certified by US DoD
    – US DoD Test and Evaluation Command Safety Confirmation
    – certification for Operational Use

    Examples of the APA-5 in use

    Atlas Devices-APA5-Single Person Hoist Recovery w Remote

    1-Person Rescue APA5 w/ Remote Control: Horizontal Hoist w/ High Point

    Atlas Devices-APA5-Single Rescuer Hoist Edge Transition

    1-Person Rescue w/ Remote Control: Horizontal Hoist-Edge Transition w/ High Point

    Atlas Devices-APA5-Patient Recovery w Tagline

    1-Person Rescue w/ Remote Control: Horizontal Hoist w/Tagline

    Atlas Devices-APA5-Edge Loading w Two Person Load

    2-Person Rescue w/Edge Guard: Horizontal Hoist w/ Low Point

    Atlas Devices-APA5-Vertical Patient Recovery w Remote

    1-Person Rescue w/ Remote Control: Vertical Hoist

    Atlas Devices-APA5-Dismount for Patient Recovery

    Get the full Atlas Catalog here: atlasdevices.com/pdf/Atlas_Devices-2015_Catalog.pdf

    For more info visit www.atlasdevices.com or email sales@atlasdevices.com.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – DMM – Colors, Finishes and Customization

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

    Colors and Coatings:

    DMM offers a range of color and coating options on alloy and steel products to aid environmental concealment and noise suppression. Further customization services, such as identification markings and bespoke sewn elements are also available to create a custom product specific to its end use.


    Anodizing is the standard coating process for use on DMM aluminium products. This process not only offers corrosion and wear resistance, but also allows for color to be used for aesthetics and identification, or, in the military environment, to aid with concealment.

    By fine tuning the anodizing process they are able to offer a range of subdued colours in a matte finish. The anodizing process DMM uses conforms to BS EN ISO 7599:2010 Class AA10 sealed. This process will withstand the rigors of a 48 hour neutral salt spray as described in ISO 9227.

    Their standard tactical color from 2016 is Matt Grey and the bulk of their products will be available stock in this color although some will be available stock in black. Other subdued colors are available subject to a minimum order quantity.

    For a number of years black has been the color of choice for tactical metal hardwear, however, it is hardly the most appropriate color to blend into any background as it produces an almost perfect silhouette and as we know, black is not often found in nature so is easily picked up by the MK1 human eyeball as being out of place.

    Black seems to have stemmed from the shock and awe hostage rescue environment, however, there are now far more groups within the military employing climbing to provide a tactical advantage in wilderness, urban and maritime environments, these operators require a more subtle approach. Matt grey provides a very dull solution in all of these environments, it is far more consistent in production to get a very matt finish on grey than with other colors.

    Image 1 Matt Grey Alpha Light


    Cerakote is a ceramic based coating that has excellent wear, hardness, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance andcolor  consistency. Cerakote is available in a massive range of colors to suit the environment you are working in, it is also available in a reduced visual IR-signature detection version.

    The main advantage of Cerakote for climbing equipment is the excellent color consistency and matt finish which allow the end user to specify colors which are impossible to achieve through anodizing.

    Image 2 Cerakote Boa

    PVC Coating:

    Selected products are available with a PVC coating. The PVC provides a protective coating and more importantly reduces the sound signature in environments where sound suppression is a priority.

    Image 3 PVC Coating

    Custom Marking

    Standard Markings:

    All DMM metal products carry a unique serial number and any international certifications the product complies with. The unique serial number allows every single item to be individually traced back to its original date and order of production.

    Image 4 Serial Identity

    Unique Customization:

    DMM are also able to offer custom laser etching in addition to the normal etching required by the standards. This can take the form of identification marks and numbers to aid internal administration, through to decorative markings such as unit insignia.

    Image 5 Royal Marines Fly Axe

    Sewn Product Customization:

    DMM extend their customization options to sewn products where they can sew bespoke lengths of slings in a variety of technical Dynatec, nylon and polyester webbings that are suitable for safety critical environments.

    Using the same traceability they apply to their metal products, all DMM sewn products have unique reference numbers, however DMM can also customise the labelling on sewn products such as slings, quickdraws and sewn terminations on rope with unit identity codes or reference numbers.

    All DMM customisation options are subject to minimum order quantities.


    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.