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High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – Prodigy PMP

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley Vs Prodigy Pulley - PMP

The Prodigy PMP is identical to the Prodigy Pulley in dimensions and performance, however it features the addition of a Prusik-minding flange on one side. This flange adds slight weight to the device, bringing it up to 1.6 oz., compared to the 1.5 oz. of the original Prodigy Pulley.

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley - PMP Attached View V1

It should be noted that the PMP is not a replacement for the Pulley. The flange does add additional versatility to the pulley, however the choice between the PMP and non-PMP style is dependent largely on requirement – capability vs. weight savings. TRACE Kits will continue to include the original pulley for weight savings.

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley - PMP Reverse Side View V1

Currently available in red in limited quantities. Coming soon in black.

High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – Atlas Devices – ATL (Atlas Tactical Ladder) – RACC System

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

[ATL-RACC] Horizontal Hoist w Attendant

The ATL-RACC utilizes the Aluminum Tactical Ladder (ATL) designed by Atlas, displayed in our previous post as the core backbone of the RACC system. The RACC Kit is a soft goods attachable patient packaging, bridle, and stow cover kit that can be attached to the ATL rails during all assault ladder use cases without impacting ladder functions. The unique style covers enable the straps to be deployed in appropriate phases for securing patients to the ladder and rigging the bridle system for vertical or horizontal orientations without any tying of knots. The core ATL provides a more rigid platform to protect patients during difficult edge transitions. The RACC can also convert the ATL into a bipod / high point for litter work and edge rappels.

The ATL-RACC is capable of meeting the following mission profiles:

  • Litter/Hoisting/Drag
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Confined Space
  • Structural Collapse
  • Disaster Response
  • Glacier
  • Why ATL-RACC?

  • Immediate access to hoist capability with extremely minimal configuration setup time and steps
  • Low volumetric/weight impact for carriage to already existing primary task equipment (i.e. a ladder)
  • Combine adverse terrain litter capabilities (Hoist-able Litter, Edge transitions, Confined Space access) into one lightweight attachable system for total team weight reduction
  • Reduce time of safe TACEVAC transport in TCCC
  • Reduce operators required to execute TACEVAC capability freeing them for for other critical tasks
  • Atlas Tactical Ladder System Introduction-Rescue Operations from Atlas Devices on Vimeo.

    Get the full Atlas Catalog here:

    For more info visit or email [email protected].

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – DMM – The Captain

    Wednesday, January 6th, 2016


    The Captain is a self-locating, high strength hook that has been designed and tested with the DMM trademark attention to detail. The pivoting D-shackle removes torsional friction and interacts beautifully with the carefully sculpted hook form to ensure reliable location on any anchor, specifically for connecting to remote anchors to facilitate controlled sideways movement (traversing). Once in place, the quality engineering ensures a rated strength of 18kN (dependent on the anchor quality).

    The Captain can be rigged directly onto slings or sewn terminations (as shown in the image) by utilizing the hot forged connecting shackles, alternatively the shackle can be clipped directly with a carabiner. The sewn termination option creates very clean lines for snag free operations and is quieter than using a carabiner or maillon.


    In testing the Captain Hook has proved itself a useful tool for balcony transitions or climbing fences and railings in an urban environment, ship boarding and moving between decks on ships as well as its original purpose of being used as an anchor or climbing aid in trees.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – Tac Climbing Gear – Sling Set

    Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

    TAC Climbing Gear Sling Set Complete Contents

    The Tac Climbing Gear – Sling Set is designed as a solution to the rainbow climbing rack. Because color is a problem (see here), where CTOMS’ GREEN Kit includes subdued color anodized rock protection, carabiners and sling, it’s not always realistic to replace good expensive equipment prior to the end of its life cycle. A great interim solution is to use your rainbow cams, chocks and slings with the Tactical Climbing Gear – Sling Set.

    This gear sling reduces color and noise signature with the multiple Climber’s Dump Pouches. The sling and padding component both incorporate PALS so that radios, chock tool holsters, even pistol holsters can be secured to the Gear Sling itself for light climbing configurations. If going heavier, the system can connect directly to an armored plate carrier PALS.

    Tac Sling Set Complete v5

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

    High Angle Solutions – Atlas Devices – ATL (Atlas Tactical Ladder) System

    Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

    Today, we’re introducing a new company to the High Angle Solutions rotation, Atlas Devices, LLC. Atlas Devices is a world leader in tactical access for SOF. Look forward to future High Angle Solutions posts from Atlas, in addition to CTOMS and DMM.

    ATL-RACC_Jumper_SSD_Med Res

    ATL System Introduction

    The Atlas Tactical Ladder system designed by Atlas Devices is an extremely versatile tool for SOF teams to increase their current tactical access capabilities while generating new ones never before possessed. The ATL System can be used for collapsible bridging, extended reach, weight reduction, ladder/bridge range increase, and more, in scenarios and locals including:

  • Urban Tactical Assault
  • Maritime Boarding
  • Rural Desert
  • Glacier
  • Fixed and Rotary Wing AIROPS
  • ATL Web Photo_Ladder_9919_Face Blur_Edited_Retina Display

    The core of the Atlas Tactical Ladder system is a rigid 7 ft collapsible ladder (P/N: ATL) weighing under 10 lbs. In addition to vertical climbing, the ATL can also safely bridge gaps with a 400 lb load. Its joint locking system can be set to auto-locking mode for rapid deployment or manual lock whisper mode for silent deployments. The collapsed profile can be packed within a torso dimension for ease of employment by all infiltration methods including MFF and AIE operations.

    ATL Web Photo_Bridge_9986_Face Blur_Edited_Retina Display

    The ATL has a suite of accessories that enhance the capability of the ATL by utilizing unique design features that integrate into the ATL core ladder/bridge system. All accessories are tool-less for rapid don/doff. Atlas Devices is currently finalizing safe working load ratings for a 15 ft bridge configuration of the ATL. Additional mission profiles and ATL capabilities that we’ll be highlighting in upcoming High Angle Solutions features include:

  • Litter / Hoisting / Drag
  • Confined Space
  • Structural Collapse
  • Disaster Response
  • VBSS / Pool Hooking
  • Rescue and TACEVAC
  • Stay tuned for more information.

    Atlas Tactical Ladder Introduction from Atlas Devices on Vimeo.

    Get the full Atlas Catalog here:

    For more info visit or email [email protected].

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.