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Today, we’re introducing a new company to the High Angle Solutions rotation, Atlas Devices, LLC. Atlas Devices is a world leader in tactical access for SOF. Look forward to future High Angle Solutions posts from Atlas, in addition to CTOMS and DMM.

ATL-RACC_Jumper_SSD_Med Res

ATL System Introduction

The Atlas Tactical Ladder system designed by Atlas Devices is an extremely versatile tool for SOF teams to increase their current tactical access capabilities while generating new ones never before possessed. The ATL System can be used for collapsible bridging, extended reach, weight reduction, ladder/bridge range increase, and more, in scenarios and locals including:

  • Urban Tactical Assault
  • Maritime Boarding
  • Rural Desert
  • Glacier
  • Fixed and Rotary Wing AIROPS
  • ATL Web Photo_Ladder_9919_Face Blur_Edited_Retina Display

    The core of the Atlas Tactical Ladder system is a rigid 7 ft collapsible ladder (P/N: ATL) weighing under 10 lbs. In addition to vertical climbing, the ATL can also safely bridge gaps with a 400 lb load. Its joint locking system can be set to auto-locking mode for rapid deployment or manual lock whisper mode for silent deployments. The collapsed profile can be packed within a torso dimension for ease of employment by all infiltration methods including MFF and AIE operations.

    ATL Web Photo_Bridge_9986_Face Blur_Edited_Retina Display

    The ATL has a suite of accessories that enhance the capability of the ATL by utilizing unique design features that integrate into the ATL core ladder/bridge system. All accessories are tool-less for rapid don/doff. Atlas Devices is currently finalizing safe working load ratings for a 15 ft bridge configuration of the ATL. Additional mission profiles and ATL capabilities that we’ll be highlighting in upcoming High Angle Solutions features include:

  • Litter / Hoisting / Drag
  • Confined Space
  • Structural Collapse
  • Disaster Response
  • VBSS / Pool Hooking
  • Rescue and TACEVAC
  • Stay tuned for more information.

    Atlas Tactical Ladder Introduction from Atlas Devices on Vimeo.

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    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

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