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High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – Tac Climbing Gear – Sling Set

TAC Climbing Gear Sling Set Complete Contents

The Tac Climbing Gear – Sling Set is designed as a solution to the rainbow climbing rack. Because color is a problem (see here), where CTOMS’ GREEN Kit includes subdued color anodized rock protection, carabiners and sling, it’s not always realistic to replace good expensive equipment prior to the end of its life cycle. A great interim solution is to use your rainbow cams, chocks and slings with the Tactical Climbing Gear – Sling Set.

This gear sling reduces color and noise signature with the multiple Climber’s Dump Pouches. The sling and padding component both incorporate PALS so that radios, chock tool holsters, even pistol holsters can be secured to the Gear Sling itself for light climbing configurations. If going heavier, the system can connect directly to an armored plate carrier PALS.

Tac Sling Set Complete v5


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