Ruger American Pistol

Ruger Goes Glock

A minor leak occurred earlier this week as an FFL posted pics of the new Ruger American Pistol on a Facebook group, prior to its official announcement.

Some confirmed features:

  • No trigger pull takedown
  • Wrap around grip module – replacement grips available
  • Ambidextrous controls – slide stop and mag release
  • 1-piece CNC chassis
  • Stainless steel fire control components
  • All-steel sights
  • 1913 rail
  • Steel mags – nickle teflon coated
  • Recoil reducing cam
  • Available in 9mm (17rd) and .45 (10rd)
  • Additionally, Ruger has produced a Sales Training video for the American Pistol, which can be viewed here:

    The pistol is reportedly slated for a Thursday, December 31st release, and there’s sure to be a more formal announcement at or around SHOT Show 2016.

    Hat Tip: The Firearms Blog

    Image taken from TheGunCollective Facebook page.


    13 Responses to “Ruger American Pistol”

    1. Robert says:

      Here is a video review that was posted last night on the pistol.

    2. jellydonut says:

      It looks like a Honda Civic dashboard.

    3. Philip says:

      Safe-action type trigger safeties seem to be getting a lot more common than they used to be…

      Good-looking pistol, though. Very sleek.

    4. AlexC says:

      That full wrap-around grip module is just asking for a Crimson Trace to be made for it.

    5. bulldog76 says:

      looks like a glock and cz had a kid so im kinda interested

    6. P.J. says:

      Interesting. I like the SR series pistols. Wonder if this is a replacement? Finished looks better than the black on the SRs.
      Interesting that they only went for a 9 and 45. Makes sense though. Ruger doesn’t try too hard with police contracts and that’s quickly becoming the final market for the 40.

    7. SoloDallas says:

      I want one.

    8. Greg says:

      Jesus. Did they get Michael Bay to do their intro video for that gun? Ruger, put down the booze, you’re drunk.

    9. Rich275 says:

      It sort of looks like a Hi-Point dry humped a Walther.

    10. MidGasFan says:

      I love how one of the main selling points is that the trigger does not have to be pressed to take the slide off the frame.

      Please name one gun, just ONE, that does not need to be cleared and checked before taking it apart…

      Stupid selling point for gullible people buying a gun. It perpetuates myths, misnomer and straight up lies. King of similar to people shooting themselves when using a Blackhawk! Serpa. Proper safety and training are key.

      Other than that, I’m not sure if I like it. I’m not a fan of Ruger auto leading handguns(LOVE their recovers!) but I’ll reserve judgement until I handle one. My mom and dad taught me to never dismiss a gun until I tried it first! If is better than the SR series, it’ll be a winner as those are just cheap feeling, in my own personal opinion.

    11. joe says:

      I’m potentially impressed with the recoil-reducing cam, an engineering concept unique to this line of handguns.

      The short trigger reach will be the selling point for me due to stubby fingers.

      Using a separate chassis for the FCG to accept different external frames seems to me the next evolution in handguns now that all major manufacturers offer polymer striker-fired guns.

      It would be nice to see an American-designed and manufactured firearm adopted by the military, just on principle.