High Angle Solutions – DMM – The Captain


The Captain is a self-locating, high strength hook that has been designed and tested with the DMM trademark attention to detail. The pivoting D-shackle removes torsional friction and interacts beautifully with the carefully sculpted hook form to ensure reliable location on any anchor, specifically for connecting to remote anchors to facilitate controlled sideways movement (traversing). Once in place, the quality engineering ensures a rated strength of 18kN (dependent on the anchor quality).

The Captain can be rigged directly onto slings or sewn terminations (as shown in the image) by utilizing the hot forged connecting shackles, alternatively the shackle can be clipped directly with a carabiner. The sewn termination option creates very clean lines for snag free operations and is quieter than using a carabiner or maillon.


In testing the Captain Hook has proved itself a useful tool for balcony transitions or climbing fences and railings in an urban environment, ship boarding and moving between decks on ships as well as its original purpose of being used as an anchor or climbing aid in trees.

High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

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