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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – DMM Helix Raptor Tactical Ice Axes

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Helix provide their high-quality technical equipment to the UK mountain troops.  Made in the DMM factory, in North Wales, to the highest possible standards these tools are ideal for use by specialist troops.


As we are about to enter the season for mountain training it is time to look at your kit and update what is looking a little tired and worn, or maybe not Gucci enough.  The DMM Raptor is an ideal multi use tool.  Great for covering the kind of terrain we need to in winter conditions but with the ability to go into harder areas if required.

The gentle curve in the shaft gives clearance when swinging without compromising the Raptor’s ability to self arrest.  A full size hammer and adze make light work of cutting steps and ledges and bashing in pegs for security. The spike on the base of the handle rounds out the Raptors mountaineering capability by giving security on snow and ice slopes.  For those wishing to venture into steep terrain the Raptor can be fitted with a Fly pick that improves climbing performance. A Choke Hold Leash prevents you accidentally dropping the axe and allows resting opportunities if climbing steeper ground.

Gone are the days of long heavy walking axes now the lightweight and highly capable Raptor gives mountain troops everything that they need.  The snow may not be here yet but it won’t be long before you are putting on your Bergan and heading up the hills.

For more information get in touch by email on international@brigantes.com or for UK customers warrior@brigantes.com.


DSEI 17 – Helix Introduces The Suppressed Carabiner

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

First off, I need to inform you that DMM has spun off their tactical lines to form Helix. Same great manufacturing, same great service, just a new name and a laser focus on the military and tactical customer’s needs.


Now, on to the new Suppressed Carabiner. Like it’s name suggests, it has a lower noise signature than a standard carabiner thanks to a design which forges channels in the aluminum to leave room for a polymer overmould. In fact, it’s the same elastolam PU material used on their ice axe handles. Not only does this rubber-like substance dampen the sound when it bangs against rocks and metal, even the gate is quieter. Additionally, the material makes it easier to keep a hold on. The barrel is even moulded and works as an antivibration gate.


This is a full strength connector, handling up to 24 kN. Look for it by 2nd Qtr of CY 2018.



High Angle Solutions – DMM – Passive Protection

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016



Refined over many years, the Wallnuts are as popular as ever with climbers; from those taking their first steps onto rock, to the seasoned campaigner – proof that they really do work. Wallnuts are the backbone of any trad rack, with most climbers carrying at least one full set and supplementing them with the more specialized passive protection from the DMM range. The carefully calculated sizing and angles, unique scoops, and multiple placement options all add up to increase the chances of getting that 10/10 runner that allows you to press on upwards.

> Eleven color coded sizes offer easy identification and cover placements from 6.7mm to 37.4mm

> Lightweight and strong > Recessed wires on sizes 1-6 to increase durability and shallow placement options

> Anodized for corrosion resistance



Where do you turn when the cracks are flared? No good for standard wires? Too open for a cam? The legendary Hugh Banner came up with the answer: Offsets. An ideal complement to a standard rack, the five sizes of HB Alloy Offsets can provide solid, confidence inspiring placements where simply nothing else will work to get you out of that jam.

> Five color coded sizes

> Multiple placement options for each size

> A hugely useful addition to Wallnuts

Torque Nuts


Outrageously light and strong, the Torque Nuts take over where the Wallnuts leave off. Starting at 31 mm and continuing to a whopping 71mm, this versatile set takes care of wide crack passive protection with gusto. The carefully shaped bodies allow the climber to place the Torque Nut like a Wallnut in a constriction in one orientation, and in the other, the Torque Nut really ‘cams’ – allowing protection in parallel cracks. Once the placement is solid, the clever sling system (patented) that helped you rack the Torque neatly and away from your knees can be extended out of the depths of the crack, reducing rope drag and adding security to your runner.

> Four sizes cover a huge range from 31mm to 71mm

> Color coded for easy identification

> Patented 8mm extendable Dynatec sling allows compact racking and easy extension

> Multiple placement options per size



So you’ve got all the gear lodged into the crag, now the second has to get it all out. We’ve manufactured the Nutbuster to be simple, reliable and user-friendly. The tip of the tool is slimmed down to get to those hard to reach micros, and the handle is comfortable rubber to ensure a firm grip when shifting those stubborn nuts. The handle can be removed to expose a 17mm spanner for tightening up any loose bolts

> Rubber handled nut key > Laser cut from stainless steel

> Lightening holes to reduce weight

> Narrow profile to access deep placements

> 17mm spanner inside handle


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – DMM – Chimera

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016


An evolution of our ever popular Phantom, the Chimera is the ultimate in high performance, light weight, clean nosed biners. The clean and shrouded nose gives added security from snagging and accidental gate opening, and the low weight reduces your overall load, making the Chimera perfect for fast and light missions.


> Designed for maximum strength with minimum weight at 30g

> Clean nose for snag-free clipping and unclipping

> Quickdraws supplied on 8mm Dynatec with rubber keeper


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – DMM – Colors, Finishes and Customization

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Colors and Coatings:

DMM offers a range of color and coating options on alloy and steel products to aid environmental concealment and noise suppression. Further customization services, such as identification markings and bespoke sewn elements are also available to create a custom product specific to its end use.


Anodizing is the standard coating process for use on DMM aluminium products. This process not only offers corrosion and wear resistance, but also allows for color to be used for aesthetics and identification, or, in the military environment, to aid with concealment.

By fine tuning the anodizing process they are able to offer a range of subdued colours in a matte finish. The anodizing process DMM uses conforms to BS EN ISO 7599:2010 Class AA10 sealed. This process will withstand the rigors of a 48 hour neutral salt spray as described in ISO 9227.

Their standard tactical color from 2016 is Matt Grey and the bulk of their products will be available stock in this color although some will be available stock in black. Other subdued colors are available subject to a minimum order quantity.

For a number of years black has been the color of choice for tactical metal hardwear, however, it is hardly the most appropriate color to blend into any background as it produces an almost perfect silhouette and as we know, black is not often found in nature so is easily picked up by the MK1 human eyeball as being out of place.

Black seems to have stemmed from the shock and awe hostage rescue environment, however, there are now far more groups within the military employing climbing to provide a tactical advantage in wilderness, urban and maritime environments, these operators require a more subtle approach. Matt grey provides a very dull solution in all of these environments, it is far more consistent in production to get a very matt finish on grey than with other colors.

Image 1 Matt Grey Alpha Light


Cerakote is a ceramic based coating that has excellent wear, hardness, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance andcolor  consistency. Cerakote is available in a massive range of colors to suit the environment you are working in, it is also available in a reduced visual IR-signature detection version.

The main advantage of Cerakote for climbing equipment is the excellent color consistency and matt finish which allow the end user to specify colors which are impossible to achieve through anodizing.

Image 2 Cerakote Boa

PVC Coating:

Selected products are available with a PVC coating. The PVC provides a protective coating and more importantly reduces the sound signature in environments where sound suppression is a priority.

Image 3 PVC Coating

Custom Marking

Standard Markings:

All DMM metal products carry a unique serial number and any international certifications the product complies with. The unique serial number allows every single item to be individually traced back to its original date and order of production.

Image 4 Serial Identity

Unique Customization:

DMM are also able to offer custom laser etching in addition to the normal etching required by the standards. This can take the form of identification marks and numbers to aid internal administration, through to decorative markings such as unit insignia.

Image 5 Royal Marines Fly Axe

Sewn Product Customization:

DMM extend their customization options to sewn products where they can sew bespoke lengths of slings in a variety of technical Dynatec, nylon and polyester webbings that are suitable for safety critical environments.

Using the same traceability they apply to their metal products, all DMM sewn products have unique reference numbers, however DMM can also customise the labelling on sewn products such as slings, quickdraws and sewn terminations on rope with unit identity codes or reference numbers.

All DMM customisation options are subject to minimum order quantities.


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – DMM – The Captain

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016


The Captain is a self-locating, high strength hook that has been designed and tested with the DMM trademark attention to detail. The pivoting D-shackle removes torsional friction and interacts beautifully with the carefully sculpted hook form to ensure reliable location on any anchor, specifically for connecting to remote anchors to facilitate controlled sideways movement (traversing). Once in place, the quality engineering ensures a rated strength of 18kN (dependent on the anchor quality).

The Captain can be rigged directly onto slings or sewn terminations (as shown in the image) by utilizing the hot forged connecting shackles, alternatively the shackle can be clipped directly with a carabiner. The sewn termination option creates very clean lines for snag free operations and is quieter than using a carabiner or maillon.


In testing the Captain Hook has proved itself a useful tool for balcony transitions or climbing fences and railings in an urban environment, ship boarding and moving between decks on ships as well as its original purpose of being used as an anchor or climbing aid in trees.


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – DMM – BAT Plates

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

bat plate m CSD

Developed with professionals in the rescue industry, DMM’s range of rigging plates integrates design, performance and strength. CNC machined from aluminum alloy which is then heat treated to make DMM’s Bat Plates super strong, surprisingly light and incredibly versatile. The ‘Bat’ shape minimizes height loss in complex rigging scenarios, while generous radii allow direct attachment of textiles, ropes and connectors.

tech specs


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

High Angle Solutions – DMM – Revolver

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

revolver wire SD

The DMM Revolver is a personal use-sized carabiner designed to lighten the load on a harness through its multi-functional design. An internal pulley wheel allows the rope to glide through the quickdraw, proving very useful on long pitches, crux bolts and changes in direction. Used as a biner, it makes light work of crevasse rescue, light hauling, and rescue.


Tech Specs:

· Major Axis Strength: 24kN

· Minor Axis Strength: 7kN

· Open Gate Strength: 9kN

· Weight: 51g

· Gate Open: 51mm

· Dimensions: 59 x 103mm

· Pulley functional with loads up to 11kN


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.