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High Angle Solutions – DMM – Claw Steep Earth Axe

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015


Based on the key components of the reliable DMM Fly axe, the Claw has been designed for specialist personnel operating on steep ground where an absence of handholds makes movement difficult. Two versions are available, an axe with a broad adze for excavation work, and a hammer. The hammer version has a soft replaceable Thor head which is sympathetic to our aluminium ground anchor, the Talon. The soft head is also significantly quieter when placing gear.

The pick on both versions has a T-Shaped cross section that increases surface area, reducing the risk of ‘pull through’ and increasing safety and stability, especially when the operator is heavily laden.


This feature also allows the Claws to be placed as supplementary anchors in series to reinforce existing gear or alongside the Talon.


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

High Angle Solutions – DMM – Talon Ground Anchors

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015


The DMM Talon is a steep earth anchor born from the need to protect users operating in terrain where traditional anchors are marginal or non-existent. It has been designed as a ground anchor for back-roping stretchers on steep ground where the consequence of failure is not catastrophic.

Made from laser cut aircraft grade aluminium the Talon weighs in at only ~1.5 lbs (700 g). The upper edge is serrated to allow a user to weight the device for additional holding power. The main attachment point is an 11mm Dynatec sling threaded through a radius edged oversize hole, which allows the user to replace the sling operationally with 8mm cord or rope should the Dynatec sling become compromised. For convenient stowage the Talon is fitted with a retaining pin to keep all of the arms together for efficient storage and racking.

The DMM Talon does not have a strength rating however field tests with Mountain Rescue teams have shown consistent results around 5kN with up to 8kN in excellent ground.

Available in Red or Matte Grey.


High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

High Angle Solutions – DMM Pivot Belay Device

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015


The new DMM Pivot is a modern belay device that caters for modern belaying techniques with modern ropes. Meticulously researched and developed to provide optimum performance both belaying from the harness, and direct from the anchor. The Pivot provides smooth paying out, a secure and confident catch, and controlled lowering. The head turner is the innovative pivot – this patent pending solution shifts the lever arrangement to allow easily initiated and controlled lowering when used in guide/direct mode. Even with a weighty second, the belayer can lower one, both, or either second with total control using the specially shaped biner cavity. Once the top is reached, the Pivot will be a trustworthy abseil partner for the return to the base. Perfect for alpine, winter, and multi-pitch trad.


The grey surface finish shown is the new DMM Tactical color which has been chosen for its ability to blend into a far wider variety of environments. Additionally, the carabiner shown in the above image is the Flat Dark Earth color finished in DMM’s Cerakote option, which will be covered in more detail in a future feature.


High Angle Solutions is a new weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

DSEI – Brigantes Consulting

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Combining an outdoor industry and military pedigree, Brigantes Consulting displayed several interesting developmental items in the DMM booth.


First up is a NEOshell suit in MultiCam from Montane who also happens to be sponsoring the 2016 British Services Dhaulagiri Medical Research Expedition. The garment was designed for a UK military organization.


Additionally, Brigantes Consulting Ltd displayed a MultiCam variant of the Deuter Guide 45 for mountaineering work.


They are always working on projects like these and it’s the kind of stuff we like to see. To keep abreast of their efforts, visit www.brigantesconsulting.com.


Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Our friends at CTOMS introduced us to one of their close industry partners, DMM, and boy are we glad they did.


DMM is a Welsh company that manufactures all of their climbing hardware at their factory in Wales. They have three primary lines: Recreational, Industrial and Tactical and their offerings are extensive.

Let’s take a look at a few items.


This is the Talon, a steep earth anchor for use in dirt. Basically, you open the device and step on the arrayed anchors to keep it fast.  


DMM now offers cerakoting as an optional coating, meaning custom colors for specialized use.


Below is the Revolver which integrates a pulley wheel into the QuickDraw carabiner to reduce friction at loads up to 11kn.


Finally, we get to the coolest item I saw in the booth. The RPM Shackles are a pulley/Prusick-minding system.



Make sure you check out their entire line.