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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – DMM Helix Raptor Tactical Ice Axes

Helix provide their high-quality technical equipment to the UK mountain troops.  Made in the DMM factory, in North Wales, to the highest possible standards these tools are ideal for use by specialist troops.


As we are about to enter the season for mountain training it is time to look at your kit and update what is looking a little tired and worn, or maybe not Gucci enough.  The DMM Raptor is an ideal multi use tool.  Great for covering the kind of terrain we need to in winter conditions but with the ability to go into harder areas if required.

The gentle curve in the shaft gives clearance when swinging without compromising the Raptor’s ability to self arrest.  A full size hammer and adze make light work of cutting steps and ledges and bashing in pegs for security. The spike on the base of the handle rounds out the Raptors mountaineering capability by giving security on snow and ice slopes.  For those wishing to venture into steep terrain the Raptor can be fitted with a Fly pick that improves climbing performance. A Choke Hold Leash prevents you accidentally dropping the axe and allows resting opportunities if climbing steeper ground.

Gone are the days of long heavy walking axes now the lightweight and highly capable Raptor gives mountain troops everything that they need.  The snow may not be here yet but it won’t be long before you are putting on your Bergan and heading up the hills.

For more information get in touch by email on [email protected] or for UK customers [email protected].


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