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DSEI 17 – Helix Introduces The Suppressed Carabiner

First off, I need to inform you that DMM has spun off their tactical lines to form Helix. Same great manufacturing, same great service, just a new name and a laser focus on the military and tactical customer’s needs.


Now, on to the new Suppressed Carabiner. Like it’s name suggests, it has a lower noise signature than a standard carabiner thanks to a design which forges channels in the aluminum to leave room for a polymer overmould. In fact, it’s the same elastolam PU material used on their ice axe handles. Not only does this rubber-like substance dampen the sound when it bangs against rocks and metal, even the gate is quieter. Additionally, the material makes it easier to keep a hold on. The barrel is even moulded and works as an antivibration gate.


This is a full strength connector, handling up to 24 kN. Look for it by 2nd Qtr of CY 2018.

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