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Refined over many years, the Wallnuts are as popular as ever with climbers; from those taking their first steps onto rock, to the seasoned campaigner – proof that they really do work. Wallnuts are the backbone of any trad rack, with most climbers carrying at least one full set and supplementing them with the more specialized passive protection from the DMM range. The carefully calculated sizing and angles, unique scoops, and multiple placement options all add up to increase the chances of getting that 10/10 runner that allows you to press on upwards.

> Eleven color coded sizes offer easy identification and cover placements from 6.7mm to 37.4mm

> Lightweight and strong > Recessed wires on sizes 1-6 to increase durability and shallow placement options

> Anodized for corrosion resistance



Where do you turn when the cracks are flared? No good for standard wires? Too open for a cam? The legendary Hugh Banner came up with the answer: Offsets. An ideal complement to a standard rack, the five sizes of HB Alloy Offsets can provide solid, confidence inspiring placements where simply nothing else will work to get you out of that jam.

> Five color coded sizes

> Multiple placement options for each size

> A hugely useful addition to Wallnuts

Torque Nuts


Outrageously light and strong, the Torque Nuts take over where the Wallnuts leave off. Starting at 31 mm and continuing to a whopping 71mm, this versatile set takes care of wide crack passive protection with gusto. The carefully shaped bodies allow the climber to place the Torque Nut like a Wallnut in a constriction in one orientation, and in the other, the Torque Nut really ‘cams’ – allowing protection in parallel cracks. Once the placement is solid, the clever sling system (patented) that helped you rack the Torque neatly and away from your knees can be extended out of the depths of the crack, reducing rope drag and adding security to your runner.

> Four sizes cover a huge range from 31mm to 71mm

> Color coded for easy identification

> Patented 8mm extendable Dynatec sling allows compact racking and easy extension

> Multiple placement options per size



So you’ve got all the gear lodged into the crag, now the second has to get it all out. We’ve manufactured the Nutbuster to be simple, reliable and user-friendly. The tip of the tool is slimmed down to get to those hard to reach micros, and the handle is comfortable rubber to ensure a firm grip when shifting those stubborn nuts. The handle can be removed to expose a 17mm spanner for tightening up any loose bolts

> Rubber handled nut key > Laser cut from stainless steel

> Lightening holes to reduce weight

> Narrow profile to access deep placements

> 17mm spanner inside handle

High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

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