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DIRECT ACTION Announces European Commercial Release

DIRECT ACTION® announces the long-awaited European commercial release of the DIRECT ACTION® advanced tactical gear product portfolio.

Launched during the IWA 2016 trade fair, the DIRECT ACTION® on-line store gives end-users the opportunity to purchase – directly from the manufacturer – the same advanced, Made-in-Poland, tactical nylon gear that is already in operational use with Polish and other special operations forces.

At the current time, production and stocking are ongoing and DIRECT ACTION® expects to have all products available on the webstore within the next 3-4 weeks. If you don’t see the item you need listed as in-stock, check back again later – as products are being added constantly. You can also learn all about the products by downloading a PDF copy of the DIRECT ACTION® 2016 catalog, or by requesting a hard-copy of the catalog.

DIRECT ACTION® plans to offer both a Made-in-Poland and a Made-in-the-USA product option for the American market – and the release of their full line of gear through Direct Action USA is expected to GO LOUD after SOFIC in May. DIRECT ACTION® will be exhibiting at SOFIC in Tampa and the crew looks forward to meeting interested end-users and purchasers there as well.

In the meantime, check their website for further product info:


4 Responses to “DIRECT ACTION Announces European Commercial Release”

  1. Top says:

    I’m excited to try some of their gear besides their packs. Have their ghost pack as one of my favorites. However, they have been saying check back since their always being added constantly. They haven’t added a single piece of gear in the entire time their US site has been live.

  2. D.B. says:

    Their guy mentioned new SOF uniforms in Mil-spec NyCo ripstop soon too, hope that doesn’t take indefinite time and becomes just another promise…

  3. DA07 says:

    It takes time to start a major new brand from scratch and get everything right. The reason why the new gear from Direct Action is a new and innovative and unique as it is, is precisely because the company is taking the time to do everything right – and that includes proving it in the field with SOF units, and registering/protecting the designs, before its loaded onto the website and offered for sale to everyone.

    Direct Action takes the approach of an individual-as-a-system to create solutions that are flexible, streamlined and avoid over-burdening. Each part of the system is designed to interface with the other components – and to do so in a way that addresses the specific needs of special operations forces.

    The first emphasis was put upon the gear, but the company is following the same rigorous approach with their combat clothing designs as well. You’ve seen various prototypes featured in the company’s promo videos, and the expectation is that the production versions will be released later this year.

  4. StormFuror says:

    I can’t wait to try their gear. I’ve been checking their website for over a year. I just hope it’s not too expensive!