Team Wendy – SAR Visor

TEAM WENDY’S SAR Visor is now available!

SAR Visor 2

CLEVELAND – Following the release of Team Wendy’s EXFIL Search and Rescue (SAR) helmets in 2015, additional accessory items have been developed to enhance how the SAR helmet is used. The SAR Visor was designed to quickly and easily install on the helmets SAR Accessory Rail 2.0 System. The visor will protect from impact, debris, water and wind.

The SAR Visor is available through and authorized Team Wendy dealers.

SAR Visor Side up position 3


  • An anti-scratch coating inside and out
  • Visor positively locks into up and down positions
  • SAR Visor side view down position 5

    Rated to EN 166 level 2B to ensure optical clarity and impact resistance

    Learn more about the EXFIL SAR Visor:


    11 Responses to “Team Wendy – SAR Visor”

    1. GSC says:

      Gonna start seeing these in movies pretty soon – they certainly have the dystopian-future “look.”

    2. Chicken Legs says:


    3. Patate Douce says:

      I have the helmet, it’s great overall, but the “one-size fits all” doesn’t really work. They *need* different sizes.

      In my case, for exemple, I’m on the small end of the range, and tightening down the harness makes it secure and keeps my head forward – while sticking out at the back a lot. That reduces greatly my head’s range of movement looking up, especially when wearing a mountain rescue pack.

      • Patate Douce says:

        With that said, it’s cool to see them coming out with accessories as they promised.

        I’m curious about what else they have in the pipeline?

    4. Black6ID says:

      Would work great for tree-trimming and forestry work. You know, man stuff.

      • Patate Douce says:

        Though for that stuff, Petzl work helmets are probably a better buy.

        The Team Wendy shines in mountaineering, helo rescue, etc.

    5. AGL Bob says:

      They need to list whether it’s ANSI compliant for we industrial people who have to worry about OSHA and other pesky entities.

      • AGL Bob says:

        The helmet, that is.

        • AlexC says:

          Quote from the Website:
          “Meets the requirements of EN12492:2012 Standard for Mountaineering Helmets
          Meets the requirements of EN1385:2012 Standard for Whitewater Helmets
          Meets Advanced Combat Helmet blunt impact requirements (per AR/PD 10-02 Rev A)
          Meets additional off-crown impact requirements of EN 14052:2012 European standard for high performance industrial helmets
          NOTE: EN 14052 requires a low-strength chinstrap, the EXFIL® SAR is not fully certified to EN14052 in order to meet more rigorous chinstrap requirements of EN12492 and reduce the risk of losing the helmet during a fall.”

    6. Blake says:

      Looks cool, but if you have anything mounted to the mount in the front, it looks like the visor will get in the way of that being raised and lowered.