Wilcox RAID X

Mtek – M12 Tacticoozy and Bandolier

Designed for 16oz Cans/Tallboys
Multicam 1000D Cordura outter shell and loop for your toughguy patch
PALS/MOLLE webbing for tactical gear integration
Ejector strap for speed reloads
Ejector strap doubles as a transit strap to hold your beverage securely when on the move
Elastic keeper to secure ejector strap when not in use
Duraflex Stealth side squeeze buckle in coyote
6mm neoprene liner keeps beverages cold
Made in the USA



9 Responses to “Mtek – M12 Tacticoozy and Bandolier”

  1. Cimg says:

    WANT for my Can Cannon!!!

  2. Rearmount says:

    That will fit all my Killciffs.


  3. SN says:

    The first known accessory for the can-cannon…

  4. Greg says:

    They need a 24 can model, for a full case.

  5. Chicken Legs says:

    I’m buying one today!

  6. MIkey says:

    It’s for 12oz cans…will it work for smoke grenades?

  7. Roy says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  8. I hear these will be required for all future students enrolling in one of James Yeager’s classes.