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Spiritus Systems R A I D Cover for MTEK FLUX Helmet

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

The new R A I D Cover for MTEK FLUX Helmet from Spiritus Systems is a bare bones design, utilizing Velcro rather than sewn-in bungee cords which may snag.


Made from Solution Dyed IR DEFEAT 500D Cordura Nylon, the cover also incorporates genuine VELCRO brand Hook and Loop which is also IR DEFEAT. They also reinforced the front attachment points with a rubber impregnated material (HANK) that is extremely abrasion resistant.

The R A I D Cover is built in North Carolina and is Berry Compliant. Currently it is only available for the MTEK FLUX line of helmets. To include the Flux Ballistic, Carbon, and Carbon Vented. Current color offerings include Multicam, Multicam Black, Black, Ranger Green and Coyote Brown.


SHOT Show 17 – MTEK Flux Ballistic Helmet

Monday, January 30th, 2017

It was great to see the MTEK team in their own booth at SHOT Show. They had their whole line on display. A small company, creating lightweight, innovative designs, what’s not love about these guys?

This dipped version of the Flux Ballistic caught my eye and I thought it worth sharing.


MTEK – FLUX Ballistic Helmet Available for Pre-order

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Martinsville, IN – April 29, 2016 – MTEK, manufacturer of high-performance ballistic products, announces they are now taking pre-orders for the latest development in head protection- The FLUX Ballistic. This helmet is a lightweight modular design that has an array of technological advancements in the ballistic helmet space.

The FLUX features an undercut shell geometry, which allows it to closely follow the natural contour of the head when compared to conventional “flared-out” helmet geometries. The lightweight shell is molded in-house using high-performance ballistic material, which is formed without any darts or slits in the material. It’s also 100% boltless, or bolt-through-less, meaning no drilled holes or perforations anywhere throughout the shell, and no hardened-steel bolts or fasteners. The finished shell weight of 1.1 lbs (2.2lbs total system weight) in conjunction with unique geometry, allows the FLUX Ballistic to be as light and comfortable as a bump helmet, while retaining the ballistic performance of much heavier systems.

“We could have released a conventional helmet 2 years ago, but decided to keep pushing the boundaries to avoid any compromise of the intended design. This required a significant amount of time and energy in order to further develop the processing techniques in order to take this to the next level”, explained MTEK Vice President of Business Development, Ryan Bowser.

The suspension and retention systems were made to support the ballistic shell in the best way possible. The Fluxliner is designed for the additional coverage area of the helmet’s unique shape and to make it as comfortable as possible for wear during prolonged use. Complementing the “Bolt-through-less” FLUX design, the retention system utilizes Inverse Clip, which allows the user to expeditiously change the retention system for removal, replacement or upgrade. The FLUX helmet uses the MAGPUL MLOK negative mounting space for accessory attachment points. This allows for some unique options for interchanging accessories (such as cameras and lights) between the helmet and rifle. Additionally, a spacer can be removed from underneath the accessory rail and replaced with upgraded ballistic covers. This furthers the helmet’s modular concept while ensuring maximum “rail-estate”.

“In the beginning, we asked ourselves how do we improve on some of the fantastic helmets that are already available? The answer we found was certainly not an easy one, but, in the end, has resulted in a lightweight, comfortable helmet that is configurable to many different situations and individuals.”

All FLUX Ballistic Helmets come standard with FLUX MLOK rails, Battle Bungees, exterior Velcro Loop, and the industry-leading Wilcox Industries L4 Series Shroud.

*Ballistic Side Covers, Mandible, and ISOFIT coming Q4 2016.

See the MTEK FLUX Ballistic here.

Mtek – M12 Tacticoozy and Bandolier

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Designed for 16oz Cans/Tallboys
Multicam 1000D Cordura outter shell and loop for your toughguy patch
PALS/MOLLE webbing for tactical gear integration
Ejector strap for speed reloads
Ejector strap doubles as a transit strap to hold your beverage securely when on the move
Elastic keeper to secure ejector strap when not in use
Duraflex Stealth side squeeze buckle in coyote
6mm neoprene liner keeps beverages cold
Made in the USA


MTek Launches FLUX Carbon-V Helmet for Pre-Order

Friday, October 16th, 2015

We mentioned the FLUX Carbon-V helmet from MTek in May during a trip to Rampart Range Day in Canada. They’ve just updated their website (and company name) for pre-order of the FLUX.


Offered in Bump and Ballistic models, the helmet’s name is an acronym; Future Lightweight Undercut eXpandable and is derived from the Latin fluxus meaning “flow”. As you’ll recall from our earlier story, this boltless design features an amazing level of undercut which conforms closer to the base of the skull. Boltless means that there are no bolt holes into the shell of the helmet but rather the rail and Wilcox shroud retainers are adhered directly to the shell. The liner system is similarly attached. Interestingly, the accessory rails are M-LOK compatible.


The suspension system is made up of three components. In addition to an impact liner, there are two sets of foam multi-thickness comfort pads. Finally, the Cam-Lock retention mounts via Inverseclip.


We’ve mentioned several other brands in the helmet’s description. MTek didn’t build this whole thing in a vacuum. They worked with several partners to make the FLUX Carbon-V helmet happen including Magpul, Helmet Comp and Wilcox.


MTek 4th of July Sale

Thursday, July 4th, 2013



“I Never Said It Wouldn’t Hurt, But At Least You’ll Be Alive To Tell Your Friends About It”

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

MTek demonstrates their FAST G3A system against a 7.62 x 39mm threat.