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Rampart Range Day – MTEK Weapon Systems

MTEK Weapon Systems has been working on helmet technology for a little over two years but now they’ve cracked the code on a one-piece undercut helmet.  Their Future Lightweight UnderCut System or FLUX is available in a vented and nonvented carbon bump as well as a ballistic helmet.

This ballistic model’s shell 1.1 lbs with a full helmet is about 1.9 lbs with full suspension, shroud and rails. In addition to featuring an undercut back, it is less than .25″ thick yet meets the ACH 17 grain v50 standard. Additionally, the shell has met NIJ level IIIA in testing but has not yet been certified while MTEK awaits final production suspension parts from the vendor.  You may notice the rail retainers which are adhered to the FLUX shell. This means that no holes are drilled in the shell to mount accessories.  In addition to the MTEK rails, the helmet will comes complete with Wilcox shroud. 


11 Responses to “Rampart Range Day – MTEK Weapon Systems”

  1. Colin says:


  2. d says:

    It’s KeyMod for your head.

  3. Magpul says:

    Slots are M-LOK (note the M-LOK logo on the side mount).

    • tazman66gt says:

      I think d was referring to the bare shell with the slots. Though I totally understand you wanting to make the distinction.

      • d says:

        This. But since we’re discussing it, are there companies making M-LOK helmet accessories now (i.e. Peltor)?

  4. Darrel says:

    1.9 Pounds is absolutely nothing. Amazing. I was just saying the other day how I don’t think they can make it lighter than the Ops Core Maritime, I guess I was wrong.

    • TCBA_Joe says:

      And the Maritime is a frag helmet. If the MTEK is certified at IIIA it will have a higher threat level while being significantly lighter, and it looks to have more coverage.

      • GM says:

        The Maritime helmet is basically an ACH spec helmet with 25mm BFD on the 9mm round. This is not even a close comparison from a spec standpoint, but yes, this helmet is lighter. Looks to be about the same coverage, but hard to tell from the pics.

      • AAA123 says:

        The Maritime is not just a frag helmet, it was designe for handgun too. NIJ certification for helmets means nothing, they don’t measure behind helmet blunt trauma in the clay.

  5. orly? says:

    For those with infinite patience/limited cash I ask the following:

    Wait for Crye/Ops Core to make their superlightweight helmet improvements or get this?