MTek Launches FLUX Carbon-V Helmet for Pre-Order

We mentioned the FLUX Carbon-V helmet from MTek in May during a trip to Rampart Range Day in Canada. They’ve just updated their website (and company name) for pre-order of the FLUX.


Offered in Bump and Ballistic models, the helmet’s name is an acronym; Future Lightweight Undercut eXpandable and is derived from the Latin fluxus meaning “flow”. As you’ll recall from our earlier story, this boltless design features an amazing level of undercut which conforms closer to the base of the skull. Boltless means that there are no bolt holes into the shell of the helmet but rather the rail and Wilcox shroud retainers are adhered directly to the shell. The liner system is similarly attached. Interestingly, the accessory rails are M-LOK compatible.


The suspension system is made up of three components. In addition to an impact liner, there are two sets of foam multi-thickness comfort pads. Finally, the Cam-Lock retention mounts via Inverseclip.


We’ve mentioned several other brands in the helmet’s description. MTek didn’t build this whole thing in a vacuum. They worked with several partners to make the FLUX Carbon-V helmet happen including Magpul, Helmet Comp and Wilcox.


14 Responses to “MTek Launches FLUX Carbon-V Helmet for Pre-Order”

  1. Weaver says:

    Tried going to their website to check out pre-order pricing, but it’s locked with a password requirement.

  2. BravoMike says:

    Just got a TW Exfil Ballistic… Now wish I would’ve waited to see this for a comparison.

    • mike says:

      There’s always something new around the corner you could have waited for. I think you did alright 🙂

  3. Matthew says:

    Wow… what a web site. I wasn’t sure if I was buying a helmet or an Apple Mac. Very swish looking, great design.

  4. Kango says:

    Nice looking helmet. Now to compare this one with the new TW helmet.

  5. akakoa says:

    M-LOK mounts on the side of the helmet.

  6. LE says:

    No bolts? How does the chinstrap attach? Rails, nvg mount?

    Glued on?