Diplomatic Security Training

This video by the Foreign Policy Association depicts Diplomatic Security Service training. For those unfamiliar, DSS is the part of the Department of State, charged with protecting our Diplomats.

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  1. Michael says:

    So DSS no longer exists as of last week. Triple canopy is now the lead contractor for positions over sea’s as they won the security contract. Current DSS agents will remain employed by the Dept. of state until they retire, but they no longer exist.

    • Jeff S says:

      What? Source?

    • Geoff says:

      I googled “diplomatic security service” and “diplomatic security service triple canopy” and got nothing about this. I’m gonna throw the BS flag on this one. DSS contracts a lot of stuff overseas. I don’t think they as an organization wills be going any where.

      • Jeff S says:

        Same here… I live down the road from one of their facilities and know a few guys that work for them (actual GS, not contractors) – they’ve made no mention of anything along the lines of what Michael stated.

    • Adun says:

      I was told within the last two months that they are going to be hiring 250 new agents into DSS this year, that it is one of their largest single hires ever, and nothing of that mentioned the job going to the private sector.

      • Jeff S says:

        Last announcement was this past fall… They typically do one in the spring too.

        Good luck getting past all the kids with Peace Corps preference! LOL

        • Mike says:

          DSS is still very much an active agency. I think the aforementioned was referring to the State Department’s Special Protective Service hires, which are being phased out (and likely replaced with contractors… It makes sense and cents).

    • SLG says:

      Ahh, No. DSS is not a contractor like TC. TC being the lead contractor is a totally different position. DS contracts out certain aspects of overseas security, and has been doing so long before the GWOT.

    • James says:

      Yeah, you got some wires crossed Michael. The only position they are phasing out are the Security Protective Specialists. DS Agents are all over the world doing more than just diplomat protection. They are assigned to every single embassy and consulate in the world. They aren’t going to replace all of these federal agents with contractors. DOS only utilizes security contractors like TC for posts which are deemed high threat… basically all of your crappy places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on.

    • Jdeyonk says:

      You are SO wrong !!!….Two things

      1. TC did not win anything, WPS II had not been officially awarded, thats propaganda.

      2. The money allocated to the companies is out there in the public domain, TC got fourth place in the money with 3.6billion. SOC won with 4.9billion. THEY are gonna be doing all the heavy lifting. TC is so completely assed up right now with Academi clowns controlling whats going on there. EVERY TC Instructor will jump ship, 3/4 of the Academi guys will “try” to jump ship (But everyone in the industry knows how terrible they are) and TC will have only local cops to do training. SOC will have their pick of the litter and all the Instructors that Academi screwed over will be in charge and making sure those idiots cant work there. In the next year TC will fold, and Academi will be sold to some unwitting corp. (Its being shopped out right now casue its hemorrhaging money).


  2. Jeff S says:

    I mean there’s this press announcement: http://www.triplecanopy.com/about-us/news/press-releases/article/news/triple-canopy-a-constellis-company-awarded-department-of-state-global-protective-services-contract/

    But you’ll notice, “Constellis, a leading provider of operational support and risk management services, announced today that Triple Canopy (a Constellis company) has been awarded a U.S. Department of State (DoS) contract to provide worldwide protective services to augment the agency’s security programs in certain areas of the world.”

    That last part is key… this is nothing new.

  3. J.V. says:

    Cool, I’m pretty sure at least a couple of guys were sporting the Kifaru E&E pack during the exercise.

  4. Glen Nash says:

    Holy fark man!! Like the material, logistical, human resources you Americans can bring to the table are just freakin unbelievable!! So how come you guys keep screwin up your International Missions so bad????

  5. Joe says:

    Get some USMC FAST!

  6. Mick says:

    All the DSS guys I have met or worked with have been great. A few years ago a couple of us got to through their LEOTP course, it is a 5-day class they do for local LE that often work with them. It was hands down some of the best .gov training I’ve been to.

  7. c says:

    I still work with DSS, the source in Google is BS…….