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[ATL-RACC] Horizontal Hoist w Attendant

The ATL-RACC utilizes the Aluminum Tactical Ladder (ATL) designed by Atlas, displayed in our previous post as the core backbone of the RACC system. The RACC Kit is a soft goods attachable patient packaging, bridle, and stow cover kit that can be attached to the ATL rails during all assault ladder use cases without impacting ladder functions. The unique style covers enable the straps to be deployed in appropriate phases for securing patients to the ladder and rigging the bridle system for vertical or horizontal orientations without any tying of knots. The core ATL provides a more rigid platform to protect patients during difficult edge transitions. The RACC can also convert the ATL into a bipod / high point for litter work and edge rappels.

The ATL-RACC is capable of meeting the following mission profiles:

  • Litter/Hoisting/Drag
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Confined Space
  • Structural Collapse
  • Disaster Response
  • Glacier
  • Why ATL-RACC?

  • Immediate access to hoist capability with extremely minimal configuration setup time and steps
  • Low volumetric/weight impact for carriage to already existing primary task equipment (i.e. a ladder)
  • Combine adverse terrain litter capabilities (Hoist-able Litter, Edge transitions, Confined Space access) into one lightweight attachable system for total team weight reduction
  • Reduce time of safe TACEVAC transport in TCCC
  • Reduce operators required to execute TACEVAC capability freeing them for for other critical tasks
  • Atlas Tactical Ladder System Introduction-Rescue Operations from Atlas Devices on Vimeo.

    Get the full Atlas Catalog here: atlasdevices.com/pdf/Atlas_Devices-2015_Catalog.pdf

    For more info visit www.atlasdevices.com or email sales@atlasdevices.com.

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