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Badger Ordnance – M134 Compact Precision Rifle – The Details

Here are the details on Badger Ordnance’s first full rifle. The M134 Compact Precision Rifle follows the continued request for a stowable bolt action rifle and leads the industry in providing one. Featuring a reduced overall length and quickly adjustable stock, the M134 fits easily in a backpack such as the Arcteryx Khard 60 and is perfectly sized for a “truck gun” or “ranch rifle”. Featuring a collaboratively designed stock built exclusively for Badger Ordnance by Manners Composite Stocks, the carbon fiber construction offers a significant weight savings, with the entire rifle coming in at approximately 9.3 lbs (without optic).

The M134 has been tested in its current configuration and performed to sub-MOA accuracy with a variety of match grade ammunition, as well as consistent performance out to 500 yards with subsonic ammunition.


The CPR utilizes the M2013 Short Action Receiver which is precision machined from 4143 Steel and features a six lug bolt on a three lug pattern, locking on and headspacing off of a precipitation hardened breeching ring. It comes standard with a 20 MOA MIL STD 1913 base and is coupled with a Detachable Magazine System utilizing Accuracy International AW (Arctic Warfare) 10 round magazines.



The CPR features a Bartlein .30 caliber barrel in a Medium Palma profile, currently being offered in two barrel length options:

– 14.25” with pinned/welded muzzle device
– 16” with 5/8-24” threads to accommodate customer’s muzzle device of choice.

We are currently testing a variety of twist rates to see if it is possible to exceed our current performance standards for both supersonic and subsonic loads.



The CPR stock is a custom collaboration between Badger Ordnance and Manners Composite Stocks culminating in a lightweight and innovative end state, coming in at approximately 2.5 lbs.

The body of the stock is made entirely of carbon fiber with a subdued, molded in camouflage pattern and features four QD sling attachment points. The butt stock system is rapidly adjustable to 7 positions with a solid lock up, and is machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, 4140 Steel, and S7 Steel for a combination of weight savings and rigidity.

Other Features

The stock system also includes a bedded night vision/thermal integration system with a removable cap for anyone that does not need this capability and prefers a more streamline appearance. This device accepts any MIL STD 1913 accessory and includes a removable side rail for additional offset devices.

The underside of the forearm features a MIL STD 1913 rail section to facilitate the use of any common bipod.

The M134 Compact Precision Rifle will be available at the beginning of the Second Quarter 2016. Be sure to come by and check out it and other new products at SHOT Show (Booth #20005)!


45 Responses to “Badger Ordnance – M134 Compact Precision Rifle – The Details”

  1. BillC says:

    If I win the lottery, I’m giving Badger Ordnance a call.

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    Not to be confused with the other M134.


  3. Dev says:

    Dat dere carbon fibre weave. It’ll look supremely sexy without the camouflage finish.

  4. john says:

    Reminds me of the Xm3 I was issued.

  5. JNZ says:

    1. Product stands well enough on its own that you don’t need to make a very questionable stateside-urban-assassination-fantasy video for it. Really, such a bad idea, marketing for that should get their pee pee slapped.

    2. 9.3lbs without optic…. Lol. I can think of so many lighter rifles. Basically anything with a Proof barrel will shoot as well and be lighter, folding composite stock and it’s the same size. Although I like the idea of the collapsible stock, I’m CERTAIN they added more weight in metal end caps and a linkage than the manners folder adds to the composite stock.

    • Brent says:

      There is nothing wrong with the video.

    • Godzilla says:

      You are free to make your own rifle and video.
      we are waiting.

      • Dev says:

        On the internet, everyone’s an expert.

        • JNZ says:

          You realize the issue isn’t that “I” have a problem with it right? It’s that being an adult includes empathy… Empathy of how someone other than YOU or I would interpret something.

          If you can’t empathize that this video (that doesn’t even show the fucking gun) does nothing for positive marketing – but it’s on the internet where things last forever can be seen in a way that does a lot of harm should a “similar” high profile event actually take place… I’m just…. Are you really not seeing the issue?

          It’s a terrible video… And doesn’t even show the gun.

          You literally might as well have an ad for shoes where the shoes aren’t shown, but a guy running from an implied sexual assault gets away. You’d see the issue there right?

          • SSD says:

            Being an adult also means you can separate a video from reality.

            • JNZ says:

              Now you’re asking a WHOLE LOT from people who would take issue with this.

              The idea is that if it doesn’t do anything actually positive for you, which it can’t, it’s lacking any actual information or even imagery of the gun. BUT… Does do a lot against you, it’s a bad idea.

              Explain how a video of an implied covert urban assassination where lockpicks, a shooter spotter, and quietly walking away from the scene ISN’T the same as running away from an implied sexual assault.

              I’m not saying cave into people who would be stupid – I’m saying don’t outright give them ammo for no reason other than you think you’re being kewl.

              • JNZ says:

                I get that you have to defend it as Badger is literally sponsoring the entire site right now.

                But nothing in this ad says or even sort of implies these are good guys killing a bad guy. It’s pretty much so covert it’s the opposite.

                This is skipping the entire fact that 9.3lbs for a covert minimalist rifle is just stupid.

                • SSD says:

                  What you don’t seem to comprehend is that Badger gets to sponsor the site because I like them. I believe in that company. I don’t sell advertising to companies that I can’t get behind.

                  Even if they didn’t sponsor SSD, I’d still tell you the same thing. It’s a video. You’re going on and on about it. That isn’t mature. You’ve made your point. Folks don’t agree with you. Get over it.

                • Jon, OPT says:

                  The entire site? Does this mEan my advertising a link here is now free???

                  Awesome news!

    • Philosoraptor says:

      Badger has received an overwhelmingly positive response thus far on the video. The majority of commenters here disagree with your thoughts on it. The narrative of the video is left very ambiguous, and can quite certainly fit underneath standard training for many LE/Gov’t agencies in the states. The two characters could be anybody. Assuming an “unlawful assassination narrative” is reading quite a bit into it. In my opinion, their marketing team should receive a pat on the back for a job well done.

      Your anxiety about the video is quite honestly unfounded. We are all men here, and I venture to say that our skin doesn’t crawl when we watch action movies or firearm commercials.

    • juliocoolio says:

      Evidently, you fancy yourself just the man to be slappin’ that pee-pee. You’ll see more success if you can keep your emotions in check, find better things to Lol about, and breathe easy. It’s only a commercial but I realize there are some who prefer emotion-based regulation of speech, expression and (why the hell not since we’re on a roll) weapons, land ownership, voting, etc. Remember, these Badger Ordnance operators (BOOs?), like Jason Bourne, James Bond and Gandalf and the Teletubbies, are fictional characters and they all spend their fictitious time doing stuff that would be considered pretty odd, often illegal, in the real world. Now when Costa does a movie it does challenge the rules….just kidding.
      More objectively, and substantively, M134 might prove to be a viable option for a more compact 800-1000m rifle. Its performance on the range and the integration and longevity of the components over time will tell if this is one of the great ones. I for one see the DTAC Covert as the leader in this category for a multitude of reasons, but everyone has their own rqmts in mind and bullpup isn’t going to work for everyone. Tip of the hat to SSD for continuing to deal out a flood of great info despite the frustrating proximity of OR and SHOT and growing numbers of vendors who are constantly pushing into the space.

    • Aims says:

      Unfortunately most SSD members can’t see that the video is exactly the kind of fuel the gun grabbers are looking for. A reasonable person will recognize how terrible of an idea it was and how it casts the gun owning community in a bad light, especially given the current political climate and the media sensationalizing gun violence. I think the video is completely irresponsible. Its one thing to show people in plainly marked LEO uniforms or vests doing this in an urban environment or service members doing this in an overseas environment. Its another thing completely to show plain clothes individuals with no obvious affiliation. As soon as you allow the imagination of those who don’t know any better fill in the gaps it doesn’t come out positive.

      • JNZ says:


        I’m sort of wondering why it is a “legit” site like this has so many people clearly defending fantasy foo foo teaser advertising – and can’t see beyond their own noses for what this type of nonsense means long term.

      • SSD says:

        Please, stop watching TV and movies, don’t pick up the latest thriller paperback and for God’s sake, don’t play video games.

      • Aaron says:

        Gun Grabbers couldn’t tell a Badger Ordnance from an HS Precision or a Remington 700. Most importantly I and many others have 0 F**** to give what any Gun Grabber really thinks of my “Ermagerd! Tools of Death!” as all of the firearms I have owned have a total kill/Injure/Maim count of 0.

        Add the fact that the marketing budget for Badger is probably woefully small. Not every company has the time and money to spend going to exotic or “politically acceptable” locations to film a commercial. Can’t say for sure that the city skyline is KC, MO but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

        Anyway the video is absolutely harmless. No real person got shot, no one was framed, and the video relayed the message that this is a really, really compact and maneuverable rifle.

        • JNZ says:

          The sort of ignorance you point to – is exactly why urban assassination fantasy video is harmful.

    • SSD says:

      Fixed it for you…

  6. jack says:

    What kind of Muzzle Brake/ can is on the gun/ used int he video? Kind of hard to tell. Brake looks like a TBAC but angle is weird.

  7. TominVA says:

    Maybe they’re taking out a stinkin’ libtard!

    Cool rifle, but that video is unconscionable. Should have had a LE or ranchman theme.

  8. Patrick says:

    I thought we as a people had decided we were going to be less offended by shit in 2016, but apparently not.

    • RJ says:

      No new year has ever solved any problems. Except 1942, we started solving a lot of problems that year.

    • Aims says:

      Just because someone raises issue with the content of the video doesn’t mean that they are offended, just stating their criticism for what they believe to be in poor taste. But I suppose the rest of us are not allowed to have an opinion about something we find distasteful or harmful in the long term. Actually, its the people that are defending the video who seem to be offended.

      • SSD says:

        You’ve learned well from Facebook. However, do you know the max effective range of that bullshit in here? Zero.

        I was once married to a crazy broad who tried to turn the tables when things didn’t go her way. It didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now. Don’t be my crazy former wife.

  9. RJ says:

    The color green offends me because it isn’t blue. And blue offends me because it’s not red. Red offends me because it’s not green. And by the way, I sure do love lamp.

  10. Stephen says:


    I don’t see a video under this advertisement??? thought we went through this bs yesterday??? but apparently your still worked up about it that you have to continue on with your fantasy implications once again! If it’s an issue, than take your words to Badger Ordnance instead of the rest of us, because FYI, nobody gives a fuck! Any comments on the rifle would have been fine since that’s what this conversation is about right??? instead your stuck on a video that is arbitrary to your beliefs, so get over it, and stop acting like a bitch please! 🙂

    • JNZ says:

      Oh… So when you see two numbers… You just read the first one and stop?

      Makes a lot of sense in terms of following logical thought through really.

  11. DSM says:

    Good looking rifle. It’d be a good trunk or ATV gun. The stock adjustment looks interesting as I wish my M24 had that instead of the wheel adjustment. An ability to “pre-set” a desired LOP would be nice too as it would speed up deployment from the stowed position.

  12. AHL says:

    I’ve hesitated to comment on this as the last thing I want to do is fan the flame or detract any more from the product being displayed. But something that has become increasingly apparent is the focus on an aspect of this video that misrepresents its thematic premise. Nothing about the video has anything to do with “stateside assassins” or unaffiliated rogue killers. Given the crowd here I’d figure most folks would “get it”, and it appears that the overwhelming majority in fact do.

    The type of event depicted in this video happens on a regular basis in this country during training exercises at all levels of Law Enforcement and Gov’t with the intention of being better prepared to protect our citizens, as well as in preparation for similar scenarios abroad. I don’t believe any more needs to be hashed out on that subject other than to say it’s very common and for good reason.

    I believe that the overwhelming majority get that, and most can easily and directly tie its relevance to a compact rifle that is able to fit in a discreet pack. Packs and bags of that nature lead the market right now, and its relevance to the above is every bit as tangible as the sales of Multicam and MOLLE is to its use by more overt SOF personnel.

    Regardless, it’s a video advertisement. Relax. I recall a leading company in the industry doing a video not long ago featuring a civilian clothed male conducting a singleton operation in which at least one target was engaged. No one seemed to throw a fit over that, and for good reason. Bottom line, if you don’t like their ad, don’t watch it. If you don’t like their product, don’t buy it.

  13. Matt says:

    SSD loves to criticize his own readers.

    You would think someone who gets paid per click’ and with advertising, would try to stay above the BS. But not SSD, he loves to call his reads names and tell them they are stupid.

    • Dev says:

      Show me on the doll where SSD touched you.

    • SSD says:

      I love to criticize stupid. If you don’t want to be criticized, don’t be stupid.

      So you think that people who act like spoiled children shouldn’t be called out?
      You think that a company likes having trolls comment on their products?
      I’m supposed to ignore buffoonery and appease?

      The answer is “No” to all of those.

      Finally, you have no idea how advertising works here.

  14. Scott says:

    I might like it better if the scope rail was longer. I like to get in close to my sights, and I find that typically I can’t get the eye relief right and have my neck in a comfortable position with most scopes.

  15. Marcus says:

    I was truly holding out for some interpretative dance or performance art to announce the M134 launch. After all, what says “firearm” better than dramatic expression and a good improvisation?

    I’m hoping they have that at Shot. Otherwise, I may have to publicly complain their launches are just not as good as their finely, precision manufactured firearm components.

    Honestly, there are a handful of people in the industry who are as skilled, thoughtful and innovative as Marty and the folks at BO. This piece just continues that tradition.

    But let’s do a Siskel and Ebert/Freudian Exam on their commercial or something. Because that matters or something. This isn’t Variety, it’s SSD.