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2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Badger Ordnance Condition 1 Modular Safety

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Badger Ordnance showed me their new C1 Modular Safety in regular and extra large size. The massive version caught my eye, so its utility as a demonstrator worked.


It offers single-sided or ambidextrous control, left or right hand, 60° or 90° throw. Additionally, the levers and cap have a bright red enamel indicator for easy visual verification.


The kit comes with long strong side lever, short weak side lever and weak side condition indicator cap for single sided use.

Made from 4140 steel and black Nitride hardened for a lifetime of service. Installs easily into any M16/AR-15/AR-10/SR-25 pattern rifle.

Full auto version coming soon.


SHOT Show 17 – Badger Ordnance

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Badger Ordnance continues to innovate in mounting solutions.

Badger Ordnance has several new offerings coming for the first quarter of 2017. First off is their new line of bipod mounts and bipod kits. This line started 2 years ago when an employee with Badger Ordnance made a low profile mount for his Harris bipod to direct attach to his AR-10. Based off his experiences instructing Snipers he’d seen and experienced several Harris mounting plates break or come loose when shooting off barricades.

The new Badger Ordnance Low Profile Harris Mount is designed to replace the current mounting plate and thumbscrew for Harris Engineering swivel style bipods. Made to have a slimmer profile than traditional bipod mounting options while having a much more robust interface to allow barricade braced shooting without fear of breaking the attachment system. Easily retrofit any Harris BRM-S bipod in just a few short minutes. Made from 7075 T6 Aluminum and Type lll Hard Coat Anodized for a lifetime of flawless function. Available for Magpul M-LOK, Picatinny, and Remington RACS style handguards.

Badger Ordnance has also worked alongside Harris to design an exclusive bipod with the leg extension buttons placed on the inside to avoid accidental extension when bracing the bipods against barricades. The mounts can be bought separately as a retrofit for current Harris designs or bought as a package with the new bipod legs.

Also new from Badger is a line of accessories to work in conjunction with their S.L.I.C.K. and other spotting scope integration kits. The Badger K4 and K5 mounts are made to hold any 4000 or 5000 series Kestrel weather meter to the 3 or 9 o’clock position of a picatinny rail. The Kestrel simply snaps in and is held firmly until needed. Made from 2200 series Polyamide and colored Light coyote.

Lastly Badger has released the SPF-60 Spotter Protective Filter- 60 mm Designed to work with the Leupold 12-40X60 Spotting scope (M151) and the Badger Ordnance SLICK spotting scope mount (P/N 306-94). Provides rugged protection to the objective lens as well as allowing reduced light transmission and reducing glare via the variable aperture “Catseye” feature. Cover indexes out of the way for full light transmission or for NV/Thermal integrationPic. Made from 6061 Aluminum, Type lll Milspec Hard coat anodized.


Badger Ordnance Raffling M40A5 for Recon Sniper Foundation

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

The great folks at Badger Ordnance have donated an M40A5 rifle to the Recon Sniper Foundation which will be raffled to raise funds.

Recon Sniper Foundation is a registered 501C3 made up of mostly Recon and Scout Sniper Marines. They mostly provide emergency assistance to Veterans in need and most recently provided some much needed support to the Louisiana Flood victims. They’re a great foundation that helps some great men and women. They have no celebrity face of the charity, no cool guy t-shirts, and keep their financials publicly viewable on their website. Please help them out and get a raffle ticket.

To get tickets, visit www.reconsniperfoundation.org.

Sneak Peek – Badger Ordnance Ambidextrous Select Fire Control

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

If you’re familiar with the Hodge Defense AU Mod 1, this may look familiar.  They use Badger Ordnance’s popular selector lever, but this one is ambidextrous.  You may also notice that it’s cut for full-auto.

It was developed in conjunction with Hodge Defense in order to help inform a government requirement. Hopefully, we’ll see these offered for sale soon.

Badger Ordnance Cat’s Eye

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

This is the Badger Ordnance Cats Eye seen in the M134 video. It is a dual purpose lens cap and anti-reflection device for the Leupold M151 Spotting Scope.


In the closed position the Cats Eye lens cap protects the objective lens and mitigates visual signature detection. In the open position it allows full use of the spotting scope in all power ranges, while still offering a drastically reduced visual signature.



Badger Ordnance – M134 Compact Precision Rifle – The Details

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Here are the details on Badger Ordnance’s first full rifle. The M134 Compact Precision Rifle follows the continued request for a stowable bolt action rifle and leads the industry in providing one. Featuring a reduced overall length and quickly adjustable stock, the M134 fits easily in a backpack such as the Arcteryx Khard 60 and is perfectly sized for a “truck gun” or “ranch rifle”. Featuring a collaboratively designed stock built exclusively for Badger Ordnance by Manners Composite Stocks, the carbon fiber construction offers a significant weight savings, with the entire rifle coming in at approximately 9.3 lbs (without optic).

The M134 has been tested in its current configuration and performed to sub-MOA accuracy with a variety of match grade ammunition, as well as consistent performance out to 500 yards with subsonic ammunition.


The CPR utilizes the M2013 Short Action Receiver which is precision machined from 4143 Steel and features a six lug bolt on a three lug pattern, locking on and headspacing off of a precipitation hardened breeching ring. It comes standard with a 20 MOA MIL STD 1913 base and is coupled with a Detachable Magazine System utilizing Accuracy International AW (Arctic Warfare) 10 round magazines.



The CPR features a Bartlein .30 caliber barrel in a Medium Palma profile, currently being offered in two barrel length options:

– 14.25” with pinned/welded muzzle device
– 16” with 5/8-24” threads to accommodate customer’s muzzle device of choice.

We are currently testing a variety of twist rates to see if it is possible to exceed our current performance standards for both supersonic and subsonic loads.



The CPR stock is a custom collaboration between Badger Ordnance and Manners Composite Stocks culminating in a lightweight and innovative end state, coming in at approximately 2.5 lbs.

The body of the stock is made entirely of carbon fiber with a subdued, molded in camouflage pattern and features four QD sling attachment points. The butt stock system is rapidly adjustable to 7 positions with a solid lock up, and is machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, 4140 Steel, and S7 Steel for a combination of weight savings and rigidity.

Other Features

The stock system also includes a bedded night vision/thermal integration system with a removable cap for anyone that does not need this capability and prefers a more streamline appearance. This device accepts any MIL STD 1913 accessory and includes a removable side rail for additional offset devices.

The underside of the forearm features a MIL STD 1913 rail section to facilitate the use of any common bipod.

The M134 Compact Precision Rifle will be available at the beginning of the Second Quarter 2016. Be sure to come by and check out it and other new products at SHOT Show (Booth #20005)!


Sneak Peek – Badger Ordnance M134 Compact Precision Rifle

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

When Badger Ordnance told us about their new rifle, we knew we had to share the news with you.

Much like its design, the M134 Compact Precision Rifle started life rather unconventionally. Just prior to SHOT Show 2013 we decided to cut down a Manner’s Composite Stock and a spare barrel to make a “mini rifle” for the purpose of displaying our products on a firearm without taking up the table space a full length rifle requires. We didn’t anticipate the interest that the little gun itself immediately received; it seemed like everyone wanted to buy one just like it. We continued to bring it to trade shows for several years and each time it garnished the same response.

As time went by and initiatives shifted with some of our other customer base, the request for a compact precision rifle continued to grow. As we considered how to approach the concept from the ground up, we quickly realized that the foundation of what we already had in a fiberglass stock fit the requirement, minus the extremely short length of pull. We set to designing an aluminum and steel retractable stock system that was compact, easy to manipulate, and offered an ideal combination of strength and weight savings. We mated this with a custom carbon fiber stock built exclusively for Badger Ordnance by Manners Composite Stocks, achieving an overall reduced length while still maintaining a standard length of pull and night vision/thermal integration capability. The heart of the rifle is built around our rugged M2013 action, fitted to a 14.25” barrel and pinned/welded muzzle device to meet the NFA required 16” overall barrel length. It features a detachable magazine system with our new Low Profile Mag Release and will accommodate the time-proven 10 rnd Accuracy International AW magazines.

The M134 Compact Precision Rifle will be available as a standard offering from Badger Ordnance beginning early in the second quarter of 2016.


Something’s Coming From Badger Ordnance

Friday, December 4th, 2015