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Badger Ordnance Raffling M40A5 for Recon Sniper Foundation

The great folks at Badger Ordnance have donated an M40A5 rifle to the Recon Sniper Foundation which will be raffled to raise funds.

Recon Sniper Foundation is a registered 501C3 made up of mostly Recon and Scout Sniper Marines. They mostly provide emergency assistance to Veterans in need and most recently provided some much needed support to the Louisiana Flood victims. They’re a great foundation that helps some great men and women. They have no celebrity face of the charity, no cool guy t-shirts, and keep their financials publicly viewable on their website. Please help them out and get a raffle ticket.

To get tickets, visit www.reconsniperfoundation.org.

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6 Responses to “Badger Ordnance Raffling M40A5 for Recon Sniper Foundation”

  1. J.W. says:

    In for one, towards a great cause.

  2. GLass says:

    Awesome contribution to one of the most community-focused organizations out there. A huge thumbs up to Badger Ordnance for throwing down on this one, and to SSD contributing member “SVGC” for being the driving force behind this effort; he’d never take credit for it himself.

  3. SVGC says:

    The guys at RSF are studs. They do a damn fine job of supporting the communities in which they served. S/F!

  4. Non-Operator says:

    Do you need to be present at the drawing to win?

  5. SVGC says:

    Ive spoken to the RSF and you do not need to be present to win the raffle. They will ship to your FFL.