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High Angle Solutions – Atlas Devices – Atlas Powered Ascender 5 (APA5)

Atlas Devices-APA5-Single Person Rescue

The Atlas Powered Ascender 5, or APA-5, is a powered ascension device which is optimized for situations such as High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Disaster Response, and AIROPS. Described as “the 4-6 man haul team in 1 box”, the APA-5 features trigger controllable speed with power tool-like design, and requires minimal training to operate.



– PN: APA-5, APA-5-S (AK-APA5 for Full Kit)
– Weight: 14.5 lbs /6.6kg
– Max direct lift capacity: 600 lbs /272kg
– Ascent/descent speed: Variable
– Intuitive power tool-like operation / Variable speed control governor
– Submerged system operation
– Load-rated housing


– STD-7.5lbs/3.4kg; High Capacity-12.4lbs/5.6kg
– Depth-rated interchangeable battery


– Rope diameters: 6-11mm
– Integrates seamlessly with COTS climbing equipment


– Operational seawater depth rating
– Operating Temp Range: -10° F to +120° F / -23° C to +49° F


– Fully tensile load-rated housing
– Ergonomic safety interlock for operation
– Emergency mechanical descent without battery
– Non-volatile battery if punctured by ballistic


– Wired or wireless remote control
– High-speed ascent (lower max lift capacity)
– Multi-diameter rope capability in single configuration
– Extended life battery


– NAVSEA 9310 Certified by US DoD
– US DoD Test and Evaluation Command Safety Confirmation
– certification for Operational Use

Examples of the APA-5 in use

Atlas Devices-APA5-Single Person Hoist Recovery w Remote

1-Person Rescue APA5 w/ Remote Control: Horizontal Hoist w/ High Point

Atlas Devices-APA5-Single Rescuer Hoist Edge Transition

1-Person Rescue w/ Remote Control: Horizontal Hoist-Edge Transition w/ High Point

Atlas Devices-APA5-Patient Recovery w Tagline

1-Person Rescue w/ Remote Control: Horizontal Hoist w/Tagline

Atlas Devices-APA5-Edge Loading w Two Person Load

2-Person Rescue w/Edge Guard: Horizontal Hoist w/ Low Point

Atlas Devices-APA5-Vertical Patient Recovery w Remote

1-Person Rescue w/ Remote Control: Vertical Hoist

Atlas Devices-APA5-Dismount for Patient Recovery

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2 Responses to “High Angle Solutions – Atlas Devices – Atlas Powered Ascender 5 (APA5)”

  1. Very interesting. Solves some manpower issues. Heavy but no heavier than the gear you need to set up a proper haul system. Sure would like to see a separate belay line on live loads though.

  2. Look a bit closer…