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High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – T2-Harness


We set out to solve the problem of wearing a chest or full body harness that incorporates into an armor plate carrier system. Typically a system like this would either go under the armor, making the high attachment point exit from behind the plate getting into the face of the wearer. The other more common option if for a system to go over top of the plate carrier and all the attached pouches. The problem with that is that it makes the pouches less accessible and when loaded can crush the content. Not ideal for things like first aid kits and even pressing the PTT switch on a radio.

We designed the T2-Harness to seamlessly integrate into a plate carrier. The webbing runs through the MOLLE in front of the armor, but behind any mounted pouches thus solving the two major problems. The T2 must be used in conjunction with either an M2 or G2 Harness (sold separately) as the only tested and compatible seat components, creating a Class 3 harness system.

T2 Harness 360 View

The T2 uses the same convenient connection style as our patented M2 Harness system. Comfort adjustment is fast and easy while donned to transition from suspension to walking and vice versa.

High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

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4 Responses to “High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – T2-Harness”

  1. Lasse says:

    While I am sure this is a quality product, using a JPC as a base for PR shots wouldn’t be my choice, as it closes the built in 3 mag carrier… “… that it makes the pouches less accessible and when loaded can crush the content.”

    • Lt M says:

      Most plate carriers have built in mag pouches these days, and this is designed to go under MOLLE pouches, so you can add HSG TACOs or BFG Ten Speeds for your mags.
      Might have to pick one of these up to go with my M2 belt.

  2. Riceball says:

    I’m surprised, no comments on how it’s a copy/rip off of something that somebody else makes. Is this really a true one of a kind thing or are did the “it’s a rip off” trolls just miss this one?

  3. ChrisK says:

    I can assure you this was developed in a bubble quite some time ago. This specific design is actually covered by a patent. What product are you claiming it is a rip off? Ironically you are being the ‘it’s a rip off’ troll, so please enlighten us.