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Krebs Custom – ASSNECK Mod 2


Krebs first introduced the ASSNECK (apparently the name is an inside joke at the shop) in 2015, but sold out in the first few hours of launching it on social media. Since there is still demand for this SAIGA-based rifle, they’ve slightly updated the build and are relaunching it soon. For instance, they extended the barrel by roughly an inch to 10.25”. Naturally, it’s an SBR. This was to give the user a slight increase in ballistics on the 7.62×39 cartridge. The gun is still extremely compact and of course still requires the necessary NFA paperwork/Tax Stamp. They also upgraded the trigger. Going forward, all ASSNECK rifles will incorporate a Krebs Tuned AKT trigger from ALG.

While the original ASSNECK was priced at $2,630, the ASSNECK Mod2 will cost less, at $2,350.79. All ASSNECK Mod2 rifles will also ship with a FrogLube Cleaning kit (Item 15200).

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch.


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