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OPERATION PHOENIX: Rising From the Ashes

I recieved this announcement on the Task Force Dagger website from some friends. I met Josh Collins at a TF Dagger event near Omaha last Veteran’s Day. We spent some time talking and turns out we were both enlisted Army guys who went to OCS (I switched to the Air Force though) and we had a few other things in common. His story really resonated with me. Unfortunately for Josh, he has some TBI issues but he told me that Stand Up Paddle Boarding was really helping him out and that he had planned this awesome trip to raise money and awareness for wounded veterans. He’s off in that adventure now. Please consider supporting his cause.

Josh Collins will start an epic journey on March 5th, 2016. He will attempt to set a world record Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) distance record from Corpus Christi, Texas around the Florida Keys, and culminating at the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Why is Josh doing this? To help save his fellow service members who are suffering form the hidden wounds of war.

To learn more about the event –

To support Josh’s effort through a donation –

To purchase a raffle ticket for a Bote Board –

The map below shows the route that Josh will be taking during the event.

Josh’s efforts are truly amazing and the effort that he has put into preparing for this endeavor that worthy of a professional athlete. Actually, as a member of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), whether they are Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines; they can be considered in the professional athlete class based on the amount of training each team member/operator goes through and the cost/value of the training that prepares the individual SOF member to be mission ready. There is no “off season” for a member of SOCOM. They have to be ready to deploy and fight on a moment’s notice.

The preparation that Josh went through to get ready for his upcoming 3,500 mile was hard and exhausting. He attended a performance camp. This camp: EXOS is where professional athletes go to improve their overall performance and to recover. SOCOM has also been sending some of their wounded members to EXOS so that they can return to “operational” status and continue to defend our country from the shadows.

The following video is of Josh at EXOS and going through training on dry ground. This helps with form and endurance.

I hope you will join Josh and cheer him on as he visit your region.

There are twelve rally points where you can show your fupport and paddle with Josh or just be there and cheer him on.

26 March – New Orleans, Louisiana

2 April – Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

16 April – Tampa Bay, Florida

30 April – Key West, Florida

24 May – Cocoa Beach, Florida

28 May – Tybee Island/Savannah, Georgia

4 June – Charleston, South Carolina

11 June Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

18 June – Dam Neck, Virginia

25 June – Arlington, Virginia

9 July – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

23 July – Statue of Liberty – Operation Phoenix End Point

Continue to check the Veteran Voyage 360 webpage for updates

YOU can make a difference…


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