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Rest In Peace Todd Green

Todd Green succumbed last night to a cancer he had been battling for many years. He was as well known in the industry as he was outspoken. Many will remember him for the forum Pistol-Training.com.

Rest In Peace


21 Responses to “Rest In Peace Todd Green”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Damn. RIP Todd. He was a fantastic instructor and a great guy. He will be missed.

  2. Bullets says:

    I hosted an Aim Fast Hit Fast class for Todd about six or seven years ago. He was a great instructor, a phenomenal shooter, and a true asset to the firearms instructing world. I learned a lot from him about shooting, but even more about instructing. I am sad to see he has died. I will miss him.

  3. d says:

    RIP. He was a fighter.

  4. Gerard says:

    He contributed so much, it’s a great loss

  5. Todd’s pistol endurance tests were fascinating reads. For those unfamiliar, he put massive round counts through common duty pistols and reported regularly on the progress/degradation of parts etc. Well worth the read!

    Gen4 Glock – http://pistol-training.com/archives/category/range-reports/gen4-friday
    HK45 – http://pistol-training.com/archives/category/range-reports/hk45
    M&P – http://pistol-training.com/archives/category/range-reports/mp-monday
    P30 – http://pistol-training.com/archives/category/range-reports/p30-thursday
    SIG P229R-9 – http://pistol-training.com/archives/category/range-reports/sig-p229r-9
    Springfield 1911 9mm – http://pistol-training.com/archives/category/range-reports/springfield-1911-9mm

    Todd, you will be missed!

  6. ST4T3S says:

    Sad day. This reminds me of when Awerbuck passed, the community has lost one of our own. Rest in peace Todd.

  7. Ken says:

    Rest in Peace.

  8. Dutch325 says:


  9. Roland_1911 says:

    As a community, we have lost one of the best.
    I took his SOM class in 2011. He was a fantastic shooter and instructor.
    Very humble and personable.
    I remember seeing him practice at the NRA HQ range a year later and watching him run a Glock 17 damn near as fast as a Glock 18.

    Rest in peace Todd. May your family find peace in your loss as well.

  10. SLG says:

    Todd’s blog site is pistol-training.com. The forum is pistol-forum.com Both are excellet resources for serious students.

  11. Joshz says:

    Man, last i heard he was still recovering well from elbow surgery. I didn’t even know he was sick again.

  12. Dellis says:

    I did not know you Todd but I am sad to hear of this news. I pray your family can find peace at some point.

    I also want to say that cancer, is a fricken bitch!

  13. Jose Gordon says:

    God bless my good friend TLG and his family (wife Kimberly). Valhalla has gained another warrior…

  14. DI says:

    I miss you my friend!

  15. St says:

    I had the opportunity to attend Todd’s AFHF in 2010. He was a phenomenal instructor and will be truly missed in the community. RIP

  16. LCSO264 says:

    I never had the fortune to attend one of Todd’s classes, but I met him and corresponded with him. I learned a lot about firearms instructing from him in just speaking with him. His independent endurance tests were amazing.

    you will be missed, RIP

  17. Matt Sardaukar says:

    I’ve followed Todd G for years. His drills page and advice helped me grow from a mediocre shooter to a slightly less mediocre shooter. I remember looking forward each week to his Pistol Endurance posts. I enjoyed his humble approach to teaching and his dedication to improving the shooting sports. I followed as best I could before and after his surgery and looked forward to seeing him reconquer the range. The first thing I do when asked by new shooters who want to become better is point them to pistol-training.com, it is the the best resource that I’ve lucked into that compiles so much knowledge accessibly laid out for all skill levels. I hope that the community that supported and encouraged Todd can do right by his legacy and ensure that his knowledge and teaching can be passed to new generations of shooters.

  18. OkieRim says:

    RIP….didnt know him but loved his handgun torture tests…

  19. Sean says:

    So sorry to hear this news, I have followed his page for a long time and always though of him as one of the better voice there were out there. Rest in peace Todd, your watch has ended, thoughts and prays for his family.