Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

Ask SSD – What Does It Cost?

The short answer to every email we get asking if we make various products or have them in stock or can expedite your order is “No.” We don’t make or sell anything. Instead, send us an email asking us where you might find what you’re looking for. We might be able to help. But please, be specific.


Yes, this is an actual email sent to SSD.

21 Responses to “Ask SSD – What Does It Cost?”

  1. Jon says:

    I think we know what it cost… YOUR SOUL! MUHAHA!

  2. Gizmo says:

    About $3.50

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    I’d imagine that SSD’s “bewildered sitcom dad” face is strong.

    …so strong.

  4. orly? says:

    What it cost to deal with this everyday?

  5. SloppyJoe says:

    It cost a buck o five

  6. james says:

    if you have to ask you probably can not afford it!

  7. Not a DV says:

    ” To : me”

  8. BillC says:

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Artyman says:

    So how much is it?!!!!!

  10. Woody says:

    We had a very angry customer call us multiple times demanding we ship him the ammunition that he ordered from us.

    Only problem is we have never sold ammunition. In fact, we’ve never sold anything other than holsters. We explained that to him multiple times and by the fourth phone call, he just went “oh, sorry, I had you confused with xyz big box retailer” and hung up.

    People are weird.

  11. AbnMedOps says:

    How much you got?

  12. BAP45 says:

    I always wonder how people who are that dumb have survived this long.

  13. Patrick Bateman says:

    What’s a ZJ?

  14. straps says:

    Can I has one for T an E?